Lost Ark brings the update one day earlier this week – Reveals release period for the big May patch

Lost Ark bringt heute Bugfixes und neue EU-Server – Alles zur Wartung und dem Server down

Lost Ark is going through server maintenance today, May 4th. A new update will also be installed. We tell you everything about the patch notes and the duration of the server down. We also got an interesting statement from Community Manager Roxx about the big May update.

What’s in the May 4th patch? The new update focuses on minor bug fixes. The full German patch notes are as follows:

  • Unlocking a Character Slot no longer reduces the remaining number of available Character Slot Expansion Ticket purchases. If you were previously unable to unlock all character slots due to this bug, you will now be shown the correct number of tickets remaining.
  • Fixed a few incorrect entries in the emoticon list.
  • Fixed the issue where the Feiton Power Pass could not be used if various world quests in the previous continents were not completed. As long as the Feiton quest “Will” is completed, you can use the power pass.
  • Fixed a bug in the report system.

The only surprising thing about the update is that it will be installed on Wednesday. Actually, the weekly maintenance always takes place on Thursdays.

How long does the maintenance work take? The servers will be taken offline at 9:00 a.m. German time. The maintenance for the update should be about 4 hours. After that, the servers will start up again and the patch will be in the game.

Should the maintenance work be extended, we will keep you informed in this post.

However, Community Manager Roxx points out that future weekly maintenances will be on Thursdays again.

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Big May patch is supposed to come within the next 14 days

What else did Roxx reveal? The post about the new update states that the fine-tuning for the big May patch is currently being worked on. This brings, among other things, the new class Destroyer.

The patch is scheduled to appear in the third week of May, which is expected to be May 19th. Until then, exact details about the update and the specific release date should be shared.

We at MeinMMO will keep you up to date on this.