Nintendo Switch purchase will probably remain a problem until 2023

Nintendo again expects to be able to sell fewer switch consoles than originally planned.

Nintendo again expects to be able to sell fewer switch consoles than originally planned.

If you want to buy a new Nintendo Switch, you have to reckon with the fact that it won’t get any easier in the coming months, but rather more difficult. Nintendo has once again revised its own expectations and forecasts for the current financial year downwards. Delivery problems, chip shortages, war and corona virus are currently causing the console shortage.

Nintendo wants to produce “only” 20 million Switch consoles this financial year

Corrected forecasts: The current fiscal year will last until the end of March 2023. At least that long it will probably be a little more difficult to get hold of a Nintendo Switch. At least Nintendo already expects to be able to have fewer consoles manufactured during this period than was actually intended (via: Nikkei).

20 million sounds a lot, but of course it always depends on what such numbers are compared with. For example, in fiscal 2020, 29 million Switch consoles were produced, which is 30 percent more. Compared to 2021, the 20 million would be about 10% less. In addition, of course, it remains questionable whether the envisaged goal can ultimately be achieved at all.

The reasons for the problems in the manufacture of consoles are diverse and should not surprise anyone. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has repeatedly interrupted various supply chains in recent years, especially at the moment due to renewed lockdowns in China. The war in Ukraine also contributes to delivery problems. Nintendo is by no means alone in having these problems:

Nintendo wants to compensate for the losses in the hardware sector with the help of increased software sales as far as possible. The new Pokémon editions are likely to be among the absolute top sellers this financial year crimson and purpleSplatoon 3, and Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 count (if released in time).

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