Outriders: Everything you need to know about the new DLC Worldslayer – Who is it worth it for?

Outriders: Everything you need to know about the new DLC Worldslayer - Who is it worth it for?

In June, Outriders is finally getting its first major DLC: Worldslayer. The big addon extends pretty much everything from the main game and brings lots of new content and features. MeinMMO gives you an overview.

What is Worldslayer? This is the first major addon to the loot shooter Outriders that was recently unveiled. It expands the game in almost all areas:

  • The story campaign continues and introduces a new main enemy to face off against. It goes against Ereshkigal, who is also changed and thus has special abilities like the Outriders.
  • There will be new skills, armor and weapons. In addition, existing systems will be expanded and especially in the endgame you should be able to expand your character even further than was possible in the main game.
  • On top of that there are new levels of difficulty, the existing challenge level system is being rebuilt.
  • There will also be some new endgame mechanics and activities.

You can find out what is known about Worldslayer here in our overview. Before that, you can check out the reveal trailer for the DLC:

Outriders Worldslayer Reveal Trailer

Outriders Worldslayer – All information about the DLC at a glance

When will Wordslayer be out?

The DLC will be released on June 30th for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Google Stadia.

How much does Worldslayer cost?

The DLC costs 40 euros. Together with the main game you currently have to shell out 80 euros.

How much game time should the new DLC offer?

It’s hard to say because of the different difficulty levels. However, the story content should offer between 4 and 10 hours of play time, plus the new endgame activities.

Worldslayer’s campaign takes you to new snowy areas

What is the story expansion about? The anomaly, which is already the great mystery in the main game, also plays an important role in the DLC.

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To get to the bottom of it, you will be sent to new areas plagued by snow and ice storms. Many details are not yet known, but our new main enemy has already been introduced:

This is your main enemy in the Worldslayer campaign: Ereshkigal.

Ereshkigal is the leader of the so-called “Human Insertion” faction and will probably be the next big threat. She is also an “altered” and threatens the very existence of the people who have taken refuge on Enoch.

To defeat them, you must venture into new areas, collect more powerful weapons and armor, and keep improving your skills. You will need them to face the new threats.

There will be new variants of already known opponents, but also numerous completely new enemies and monsters. But in addition to the loot, there is also a new progression system that you can use to further customize your character in the endgame.

The new Ascension system lets you improve your attributes

This is how it works: With Worldslayer, thanks to the new Ascension system, Outriders gets four new categories that you can further improve on your character:

  • endurance
  • brutality
  • proof
  • Anomaly Power

You can collect a total of 200 Ascension Points, which you can distribute among these four categories as you like. Each of the categories improves different attributes of your character.

As with the already known skill trees, you can reset and redistribute your points at any time for free. This makes new experiments possible and you can further optimize your builds.

New challenge levels, Apocalypse gear, and activities transform the endgame

This changes with the challenge levels: The well-known challenge levels from the expeditions will be removed. Instead, there are new Apocalypse tiers that go up to level 40 and are said to be even more challenging.

We don’t yet know exactly how this works.

This is the new endgame activity: In addition to the expeditions, the new activity “Trial of Tarya Gratar” is intended to expand the endgame. We don’t have precise information about this yet, but there is talk of an even greater threat. Since expeditions were not particularly well received by the players at the time, there is of course hope for a meaningful expansion of the gameplay.

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This is supposed to be a completely new mode in which you track down the Pax civilization and explore its ruins. These are the actual natives of the planet Enoch, who already play a major role in the campaign.

The new Apocalypse gear should also be exciting for loot collectors. This allows you to get both new and old legendary sets with an additional perk.

You can now get 3 per piece of equipment instead of a maximum of two perks. This should significantly increase the build options again.

For whom is the DLC worthwhile and what about Outriders in general?

This is the current status of the game: Outriders was one of the most controversial games of Spring 2021. While the gameplay, story, and loot system received high praise, there were massive server issues, serious bugs, and glitches.

It took a while, but with the New Horizon update, Outriders is finally in mostly pristine condition. New features like a transmog system rounded things off. In addition, a lot of feedback from the community was implemented and the expeditions were turned inside out, for example. But ultimately, many players have lost interest in the meantime.

Here you will find a detailed summary of the current status:

7 months after release, Outriders is finally good in the endgame

For whom is Worldslayer worthwhile? First and foremost, developer People Can Fly wants to bring back players who enjoyed the main game and want more. But you also want to win back players who jumped out of frustration.

During a preview event, MeinMMO author Tarek Zehrer was able to take a quick look at a section of the new campaign. Here are his impressions after playing:

I was only able to take a quick look at the DLC, but that alone surprised me in a positive way. In my opinion, there is little to shake about the core gameplay of Outriders, there were no big surprises here.

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But what struck me positively: The staging of the story and the mission played was more epic and cinematic than much of the main story. The levels also seem more varied to me. Although I haven’t been able to try out the new features like the Ascension system extensively, at first glance the DLC seems to focus on all the aspects that Outriders has already done well in the main game and improves them even more.

However, it is still too early to draw any conclusions. Personally, I’m looking forward to returning to Enoch.

Tarek Zehrer

Freelance author for MeinMMO

What does it look like when you’re completely new? With the main game, newcomers will now find one of the best loot shooters in recent years and could then play even more content with Worldslayer.

While the DLC is aimed at “veterans,” there’s probably no better time to start with Outriders. Outriders is aimed primarily at players who:

  • Looking for a fun and wacky third person shooter.
  • Want to try unique classes that are very different from each other and have really cool abilities.
  • Enjoy working in co-op with up to two other players, although Outriders can also be played solo.
  • Don’t care about PvP, because Outriders doesn’t have that.

In the endgame, the game gets a lot more grind-heavy, but even if you don’t feel like it, you can spend at least 20 hours with the campaign alone, unless you run through the game on the lowest level of difficulty.

Outriders is also currently on Xbox Game Pass if you want to give the shooter a try.

If you want to get started with the DLC directly, you can also start with a new character at level 30. However, it is generally advisable to first complete the main game, especially if you value the story. If you are generally interested in Outriders, you can find all of our articles about the loot shooter here.