PS Plus Collection on PS5: Get one of the best RPGs of all time for free before it’s gone

The PS Plus Collection is giving you Persona 5 for a limited time only.

The PS Plus Collection ‘gives’ you Persona 5 for a limited time only.

In a few days, the first game will be leaving the PS Plus Collection, namely Persona 5. And if you haven’t downloaded the RPG yet, listen up: don’t miss out!

  • When is Persona 5 flying out of the PS Plus Collection? On May 11, 2022 (Wednesday)

Important note: In the PS Plus Collection you will find the original version of Persona 5 and not the expanded and slightly improved Royal Edition. Nonetheless, even the original version is a fantastic RPG.

That’s why you should definitely play Persona 5

Check out the Persona 5 gameplay trailer below:

Persona 5 - Gameplay Trailer shows us the Palaces that we have to infiltrate


Persona 5 – Gameplay Trailer shows us the Palaces that we have to infiltrate

  • Genre: RPG
  • GamePro rating: 92

That’s what it’s about: With Persona 5 you can expect a mix of JRPG, dungeon crawler and life sim. You accompany the Phantom Thieves, a colorful troupe of high school students who fight their way through dungeons at night and use their Personas (monster-like guardian spirits) to carry out turn-based battles. During the day, on the other hand, you have to go to school, raise your grades and cultivate relationships with your team members.

All of these playful pieces mesh beautifully in Persona 5 and are downright addictive. There is also an exciting story and a unique art style that is not only coherent but also damn cool. The Phantom Thieves’ attire, the enemy designs, the menus, the music – Persona 5 is without a doubt a style icon in the RPG genre.

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You can read all the other information in our GamePro review of Persona 5.

Can I “keep” Persona 5 from the PS Plus Collection permanently? Yes. Persona 5 and all other titles in the Collection will be treated like any regular PS Plus game, meaning you will need a valid membership to download them from the PS Plus section of PlayStation Store and play them on your PS5.

You can “keep” and play the games as long as you have a valid subscription to Sony’s paid service.

These games are also included in the PS Plus Collection

The PS Plus Collection is a collection of (currently still) 20 titles that you can download for free if you have an active PS Plus subscription and own a PS5. In addition to Persona 5, which you can currently download, you can also expect classics like The Last of UsDays Gone or Bloodborne.

You can find a list of all 20 games in the PS Plus Collection here.

Which PS Plus Collection games do you still need to catch up on?