Twitch streamer reveals that he gambled 1.75 million euros in the casino – father scolds him live

Twitch streamer reveals that he gambled 1.75 million euros in the casino – father scolds him live

The world’s largest Twitch streamer, Félix “xQc” Lengyel, shares a live chat on gambling about how much money he’s lost in a month. MeinMMO tells you how high the loss of the streamer was and how his interlocutor reacted to it – and his father.

Why did his father scold him? Twitch streamers Pokimane and xQc both talked about gambling, among other things, during the first episode of their new joint podcast.

In the conversation, xQc said he was addicted to gambling and revealed how much he lost gambling last month. During a subsequent stream, xQc received a call from his father chiding him for gambling. The father had a worried tone in his voice.

Of the Reddit user u/SHAZBOT_VGS transcribed the conversation. Below you can read the German translation of the conversation between the streamer and his father.

  • xQc father: No, no, what do you mean, what’s going on? Dexerto!
  • xQc: Na no naaa I lost some money yesterday what about it?
  • xQc Dad: “You’re my little boy no matter how frigging old.”
  • xQc: “Dad, Daddy, stop reading clickbait articles. I’m losing money, sometimes that happens. What’s going on?”
  • xQc father: “Don’t treat me like that now…”
  • xQc: “I mean, dad, come on, you know ehhhh…”
  • xQc Dad: “Are you alright?”
  • xQc: “Yes, of course I’m fine.”
  • xQc dad: “From 1 to 100, how are you?
  • xQc:. “I’m at 110 and I’m fine. It’s all right.”
  • xQc father: “Speak to me in French.”
  • xQc: “Dad, I…”
  • xQc father: “I don’t have to worry?”
  • xQc: “No! Why should you worry?”
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How much money did the streamer lose? Pokimane asked xQc during the podcast if he enjoyed gambling when he wasn’t streaming. He answered the question in the affirmative, stating that he lost 2 million in the past month and gambled every day.

Pokimane then digged deeper and asked, “Really?” in a stunned tone. Then xQc verified the high sum and got even more specific. “I lost 1.85 million last month.”

With an amount of 1.85 million US dollars, that would be a loss of around €1,750,000.

How did the conversation between Pokimane and xQc go? Since the podcast was streamed live on Twitch, the excerpt of the conversation in which xQc talks about his gambling loss in the past month is available as a clip. You can read exactly what was said there below.

  • xQc: “It’s fun and I can afford to do it.”
  • Pokimane: “Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s… Ok, would you have as much fun gambling if you did it off-stream and not on-stream?”
  • xQc: “Yes, I am literally hooked. I play every day. Last month I lost 2 million.”
  • Pokimane: “Really?”
  • xQc: “I lost 1.85 million last month”
  • Pokimane: “Guys, stop playing!”

You can see the clip with the excerpt of the conversation in which xQc talks about his gambling losses here:

Who is xQc? The Twitch streamer xQc is actually called Félix Lengyel and comes from Canada. The 26-year-old currently (as of May 2022) has 10.7 million followers on Twitch and was an e-sports professional in Overwatch until 2019.

The Canadian, best known for streaming numerous games, was recognized as the most watched Twitch streamer in 2020 and 2021. He broke his personal viewership record in early April by staring at a website.

Biggest Twitch streamer stares at website for 7 hours, breaking own viewership record