Villain World Championship – The field is complete: These 48 meanies are at the start

The participants of the GamePro Villain World Championship have been determined!

The participants of the GamePro Villain World Championship have been determined!

It’s getting serious in our villain world championship, it starts in two days. However, we were still missing a few starting places. That’s why we asked you to make suggestions for the remaining 8 bad guys to start with. And you did that diligently in almost 200 comments, thank you very much at this point! Unfortunately, we couldn’t let everyone compete, which is why we decided on 8 candidates internally.

These villains complete the starting field

  • Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry)
  • Gruntilda (Banjo Kazooie)
  • dr robotnik (sonic)
  • master hand (Smash Brothers)
  • Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts)
  • FC Bayern Munich (FIFA)
  • Adam Smasher (cyberpunk)
  • Monukuma (Dangaronpa)

Honorable Mentions from your suggestions

We discussed suggestions for a long time, but were only able to place eight meanies in the last places. Some great and funny ideas didn’t make it for various reasons, but we don’t want to withhold them:

  • PS4 and Xbox One versions (cyberpunk)
  • Blue tank (Mario Kart)
  • Empty battery (controller)
  • rain cloud (grand tourism)
  • unbreaded (Overcooked 2)
  • Square Tetris brick (tetris)
  • t rex (Dinosaur Crisis)
  • Best friend (Couch Multiplayer)

All baddies of the GamePro Villain World Championship at a glance

These 48 participants start on May 5th in the group phase of the Villain World Championship and hope for your votes, with which you can choose a total of 16 for the round of 16.

  • abstergo (Assassin’s Creed)
  • Adam Smasher (cyberpunk)
  • Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)
  • Baldur (God of War)
  • bowser (Super Mario)
  • David (Last of Us)
  • The thief (sim)
  • The Wild Hunt (Witcher)
  • dr robotnik (sonic)
  • teller (The Stanley Parable)
  • FC Bayern Munich (FIFA)
  • Flowey the Flower (Undertale)
  • Ganondorf (zelda)
  • goose (Untitled Goose Game)
  • Glados (Portal)
  • Gnasty Gnork (Spyro)
  • Gruntilda (Banjo Kazooie)
  • Hades (Horizon)
  • Handsome Jack (Borderlands)
  • heihachi (Tekken)
  • Irene Engel (Wolfstein)
  • joker (Batman: Arkham)
  • Catherine Marlow (Uncharted)
  • kefka (Final Fantasy 6)
  • King Dedede (kirby)
  • Lady Dimitrescu (Resident Evil 8)
  • LeChuck (Monkey Island)
  • M Bison (Street Fighters)
  • Martin Walker (Spec Ops: The Line)
  • master hand (Smash Brothers)
  • Michael Bell (Red Dead Redemption 2)
  • Monukuma (Dangaronpa)
  • Morris (Stardew Valley)
  • mother (Binding of Isaac)
  • Officer Tenpenny (GTA)
  • Origami Killer (Heavy Rain)
  • parasite (Among Us)
  • patches (Dark Souls)
  • Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
  • Sheogorath (The Elder Scrolls)
  • sola (Dragon Age)
  • Team Rocket (Pokémon)
  • the boss (Metal Gear Solid)
  • The Great Mighty Poo (conker)
  • The Illusive Man (Mass Effect)
  • Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)
  • Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry)
  • Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts)
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This is how the villain world championship continues

We draw randomly from the fixed field of participants 8 groups of 6 villains each off and start on Thursday, May 5th the group stage polls. Then vote! The two villains in a group who receive the most votes within the voting period automatically qualify for the round of 16 and the KO phase, in which he then gives 8 direct duels. The tournament then continues in classic World Cup mode, so the following follows:

  • Quarterfinals (4 duels/surveys)
  • Semifinals (2 duels/surveys)
  • Final (1 duel/poll)

After that, it will be decided which villain can crown himself and call himself the best villain of all time!

The schedule for the villain world championship

  • Group stage voting period: May 5 – May 9
  • round of 16: May 11 – May 12
  • Quarterfinals: May 14th – May 15th
  • Semifinals: May 17 – May 18
  • Final: 20 – 22 May

If you have any questions about the process, let us know in the comments. We’ll see you again on May 5th at the latest when the group stage starts!