5 Reasons Why You Should Download FIFA 22 on PS Plus Now

5 Reasons Why You Should Download FIFA 22 on PS Plus Now

In PS Plus is current FIFA 22 included and you should give the game a chance – no matter if you are a newcomer or a returnee. We show you 5 reasons why you should definitely load FIFA 22 on your PS4 or PS5.

FIFA should probably be a household name to anyone who has anything to do with video games. The football simulation is released annually with new squads, improved graphics, new animations, improved modes and gameplay upgrades.

Now the current (really good) offshoot of the series is available in PS Plus and we’ll tell you why you should try it.

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1. With the numerous modes there is something for everyone

There are these modes: It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to play alone, compete against other FIFA players or go goal-hunting with a friend. There really is something for everyone in FIFA 22.

You can grab a club in career mode and hire your favorite players there as a manager and try to lead your club to the top of the table. Or you create your own kicker in the player career, just control it and try your luck at a club of your choice.

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In FIFA 22, street football is even back with VOLTA. In the mode, you can compete online and offline in small fields with only a handful of players and have a gaming experience that is much more arcade-oriented.

However, for many, the main reason to play FIFA is likely to be the different online modes. Because there applies:

2. If you want to compete with others, FIFA 22 is the place for you

If you like to play competitively and want to fight your way up the leaderboards, then FIFA 22 has the right modes for you with Online Seasons or Ultimate Team.

So you can simply choose from the licensed clubs in the online seasons and play your way from league 10 to the top. You can even do that with another player, which makes it particularly appealing. Because fighting for victories in pairs and worrying about promotions and relegations is a lot of fun.

Ultimate Team is also competitive. Here you collect so-called FUT cards and create your own team of current and former top stars. This is not so easy, especially at the beginning of a FIFA season, because there are not that many top cards and the prizes for the best players are correspondingly high.

But that’s different now: There are tons of top cards that don’t have to be spent a lot of coins or that you can simply earn through tasks.

3. Now is the perfect time to get started with Ultimate Team

Now is a really good time to get a taste of Ultimate Team. Rarely has it been possible to put together a top team for so few coins. The prices for many tickets are in the basement and the big Team-of-the-Season event makes sure that the prices continue to fall.

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So head over to Ultimate Team and put together a strong starter team and compete in Division Rivals to earn rewards in the form of card packs. However, if you’re after the best rewards, you should qualify for FUT Champions.

You can find some really strong gold cards to start with here:

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4. Do you have friends there? Why don’t you throw FIFA 22 on?

What FIFA has always distinguished is the fun of playing against friends on your own sofa. And that hasn’t changed in FIFA 22. You can play here with up to 4 players at the same time, organize tournaments or simply play 1 against 1.

There is also a selection of fun modes such as surprise ball, where the ball gives the player different abilities such as maximum boost or maximum shooting. Or Survival, in which a player is sent off after every goal. In these modes, realism is pushed into the background and the focus is on fun, which can be a lot of fun, especially on the sofa with friends.

5. Be sure to try Pro Clubs with your friends

Since FIFA 22 is currently included with PS Plus, chances are your PlayStation friends also have PS Plus and therefore access to the game. So it makes sense to try out pro clubs together. There you found a club together, in which each of you controls a single player and together you form a team. The more friends you can get together, the more fun Pro Clubs will be.

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You collect experience points, improve your kicker and try to climb the various leagues. A guarantee for exciting football evenings with friends at the console.

Have you tried FIFA 22 yet? Or are you already an experienced player? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

If you get into FUT, you should definitely take a look at the current Icon Swaps 3. There you can dust off extremely strong icon cards without coins. Here we have tips for you: