Edge knocks Safari out of second place for desktop browsers


Microsoft’s Edge browser is slowly but surely expanding its user base and has now overtaken Apple’s Safari as well. But there is still a long way to go to the top.

Microsoft Edge is gaining popularity. For the first time since its introduction in 2015, the browser was able to claim second place in the most used desktop browsers in March and April 2022. This is from current Analysis figures from Statcounter out. According to this, Edge had a global market share of 10.07 percent in April.

Safari and Firefox narrowly beaten

Microsoft was also able to displace Apple from second place in the world browser market. The company’s Safari browser had a market share of 9.62 percent in April, ahead of Mozilla Firefox at 7.87 percent and Opera at 2.44 percent.

However, in the desktop segment, Safari is only available on Apple’s own Mac computers, whose global market share has been increasing for some time fluctuates between 15 and 17 percent. Under this premise, it can be said that a very large proportion of Mac users use the in-house Safari browser, while Edge still has a niche existence among Windows users.

Chrome remains unchallenged

The undisputed industry leader is still Google’s Chrome browser, which had a global market share of 66.58 percent in April. Chrome is not only popular on Windows and macOS, but is also a standard component of Google’s own Chrome OS desktop operating system.


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