Pokémon GO: A few of the cool Rocket changes are now gone again

Pokémon GO: A few of the cool Rocket changes are now gone again

Surprisingly, Pokémon GO also brought some strong rocket changes into play with the air event. But it looks like it was just an accident. We’ll show you what’s no longer possible.

What are these changes? At the start of the Air Event on May 3rd, Trainers noticed that stealthy Rocket changes were in play. Balloons arrive every hour, the Rocket Grunts fight with other Pokémon, the difficulty of the battles is significantly easier, and the Grunts found in Balloons could reward trainers with shiny Shadow Pokémon.

Some of these surprising changes have now been deactivated again, as reported by trainers.

Was that just a shiny glitch and not wanted at all?

This is new now: On the evening of May 3rd, more and more trainers reported that something had changed again in Team Rocket in Pokémon GO. This is how users write down TrainerDaasC reddit: “Crypto-Bluzuk and Crypto-Amonitas removed from Rocket lineup due to iridescent Cryptos (oversight) in early timezones yesterday”.

He suspects that the two Pokemon were removed as a Crypto encounter because there was a shiny glitch. The dazzling cryptos only existed for 5-6 hours in the early time zones, he said.

Trainer UW_Unknown_Warrior also noticed changes and shares them reddit. I encountered 3 Rock type Rocket Grunts. One from a balloon, two from stops. All started with a Sham Tree and not Larvitar/Amonitas, which was reported. That’s a slap in the face.”

Mega update in Pokémon GO

This is assumed: Actually, the Rocket bullies are not supposed to distribute Shiny Cryptos at all. That’s why we were so happy when it worked.

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Among other things, the new texts that the Rocket bullies told when they met were also removed. User BravoDelta23 writes down reddit: “The special lyrics are gone too. This leads me to believe that this is a bug and someone released an old game master version. Yet again. That also happened during the Easter event.”

To which player ThisNico replies, “The special lyrics sounded like they were written for an event like the Johto Tour or GO Fest. I’ve had at least one Rocket bully talking about confetti.”

It is quite possible that these stealthy changes were unintentional and should be used for another event.

The big GO Fest 2022 starts in June at Pokémon GO. One of the bonuses is “themed confetti” for the respective habitat rotations. And Team GO Rocket should also change slightly, at least for ticket holders.