The Knight Witch: Metroidvania with bold cartoon visuals

The Knight Witch (Arcade-Action) von Team 17

Looking good: The Knight Witch wants to combine fast-paced combat with Metroidvania-style exploration and even deck building. Later this year we will go into battle with battle witch Rayne.

Team17 takes Spanish indie team Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team (Super Mega Team for short) under its wing and becomes the publisher of The Knight Witch. The game takes you to the underground city of Dungeonidas, which is threatened by a mysterious threat including an army of golems. Heroine Rayne must use all her Knight Witch skills and fight back the aggressors.

She has 30 magic cards up her sleeve that the player beams into the action using a deck building system; you can also pimp Rayne’s abilities and customize her moveset to your own liking. In addition, the title wants to score with what feels like a limitless Metroidvania world, has clever auto-aim mechanics and supposedly a navigation system that never lets you down.

One of the best arguments for The Knight Witch, apart from the brisk trailer worth seeing (see below), is the fact that the Spanish team already has Rise & Shine on the clock. The 2D shooting from 2017 was incredibly chic, hard and fair at the same time and really funny in places.

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