What is the highest level you can reach in Minecraft?

What is the highest level you can reach in Minecraft?

There is a level cap in Minecraft. So a max level – after that nothing goes on. You will then simply no longer earn experience points (XP). But how high is that? And why?

Why is? When you mine ore or kill monsters in Minecraft, you get experience points for it. If you collect enough of them, you get a level-up. This works quite quickly on the first levels, but then it becomes more and more tedious. If you die in-game, you lose part of the XP.

The max level in Minecraft is level 24,791, but it makes a difference whether you play “right” or cobble the XP through a command in the console.

What is the maximum XP you can get?

This is how much XP you get with Command: The maximum level you can give yourself by adding XP via the “/xp” ​​command is 2,147,483,647. This is the ultimate limit, more is not possible without modifications (via Minecraft Wiki).

For the IT people among you, this is probably not an unknown number. This is because it is the highest positive value for a system using 32-bit integers.

This magic limit also exists in other games, such as the maximum amount of money in GTA Online (without glitches and mods/cheats).

Reaching such a high level in Minecraft requires a lot of skill and, above all, patience. Because per level you need more and more experience points to get a level-up. And usually you die anyway by a nasty creeper before you even reach level 100.

Did you think the max level in Minecraft could be so high or did you think it can be reached sooner? What is the highest level you have ever reached in Minecraft? Write us your experiences here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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