A TV under 200 euros is currently a bestseller on Amazon – is the device worth it for PS5 and Xbox?

A TV under 200 euros is currently a bestseller on Amazon – is the device worth it for PS5 and Xbox?

On Amazon, a TV is a top seller on Amazon. You can get the TV for less than 200 euros. But what can the device do and is the TV suitable for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

What are these bestsellers? The retailer Amazon creates so-called “best sellers” for various products and categories. These numbers are based on most orders and are updated hourly by Amazon. Here it is easy to identify which products are currently very popular with potential customers.

Currently, a television is among the bestsellers from Amazon. We took a look at what kind of device this is.

The television for 200 euros lacks many gaming functions

What is this device? The TV is the Hisense A4EG. Hisense is a Chinese electronics company that sells various products such as televisions and refrigerators.

The device is available in both 32-inch and 40-inch versions. The user interface before “Vidaa U” is used on the devices. Externally, it resembles Android TV, but has a few peculiarities. You can install the most important apps like Netflix, Amazon Video or Disney+.

The “Vidaa U” user interface is very similar to the competition.

What technology is in the device? The device is available with both 32 and 40 inches, but you shouldn’t go for the 32-incher. Because the smaller TV only offers you a resolution of 1366×768 (HD), which is hardly up-to-date today. The 40-inch version at least offers Full HD (1920×1080).

Otherwise, both televisions are identical: They both offer a refresh rate of 60 Hz and rely on HDMI 1.4. The televisions also have neither HDR nor Bluetooth. On the back you will find two HDMI ports and two additional USB ports. However, these ports only offer 2.0. This is also only partly up-to-date.

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The television is only worthwhile to a limited extent for PS5 and Xbox and is more of a second television

Is the device worth it for PS5 and Xbox Series X? If you want to get the full potential out of your new console, then the model isn’t worth it for you: you don’t get HDMI 2.1, no Bluetooth and you get a maximum resolution of Full HD.

Although the device offers a gaming mode, according to the manufacturer the latency is 50 ms, which is higher than the competition. This is still okay and sufficient for games, but values ​​of 35 ms and less are recommended (via your-tv.de).

If you’re looking for a second TV for your guest room or Xbox Series S instead, the Hisense TV might well be worth a look. However, you should then opt for the 40-inch device with Full HD, even if the 170 euros for the 32-inch model sound tempting.

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