Apex Legends Mobile: Release and new trailer – Fade exclusively for smartphones

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Apex Legends Mobile brings the exciting battle royale to smartphones. Respawn celebrates the release with a new trailer – and the exclusive legend “Fade”.

Vancouver, Canada – Let’s drop, shock and rock – Apex Legends is getting its own mobile version, playable on iOS and Android starting May 17th. Respawn Entertainment and EA celebrate the global launch with a new trailer showcasing the exciting gameplay of Mobile Battle Royale. Apex Legends Mobile gets an exclusive legend for the release that will amaze even console and PC players.

name of the game Apex Legends Mobile
First publication date May 17, 2022
editor EA (Electronic Arts)
platforms iOS, Android
series Titanfall
developer Respawn Entertainment, LLC, Panic Button Games
genre First person shooter, battle royale

Apex Legends Mobile: Release and new trailer – So much is in the mobile version

That is new: Apex Legends Mobile gameplay has been making the rounds since the closed beta. But now, just in time for the release on 17.05. released a lengthy trailer showing off the high-energy gameplay of Apex Legends on smartphone. Unlike the mobile version for Fortnite, Apex Legends Mobile is a custom game that operates separately from the console and PC versions. So there will be no crossplay in Apex Legends with the mobile version. The game scenes in the trailer are commented on by the funny contemporary Mirage, who is also one of the ten playable legends at the start. We have included the trailer for you here:

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This can be seen: Gameplay features the only map available at release in Apex Legends Mobile: World’s Edge. This is the variant from Season 3, in which Capitol City has not yet been divided into Fragment West and East due to the destruction. The typical gameplay of Apex Legends seems to have been implemented well on the smartphone and makes complicated operations like sliding or looting feasible with a simple tap.

The mobile version also shines with many different modes right at the release. In addition to the Battle Royale, there is Team Deathmatch, 3 vs 3, and a Quickplay mode that “Battle Royale, but faster“ should come close. PC and console gamers can only dream of this wealth of modes. Also exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile is the new Legend, Fade.

Apex Legends Mobile: Release Trailer Shows New Legend In Action – This Is Fade

These are the legends: Only ten legends will be available at launch. There are now 21 characters in the console and PC versions, so there was no lack of creativity. On the contrary: with Fade, Apex Legends Mobile gets the first exclusive legend right at the release, which is one of the nine already known. These are the Legends in Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Bloodhound
  • Bangalore
  • wraith
  • Pathfinder
  • Gibraltar
  • lifeline
  • caustic
  • miracle
  • octanes
  • bland

This is fade: The new legend, Fade, is similar to Wraith in a number of ways. His control over the “void” allows him to briefly travel back in time with his tactical ability. His ultimate ability is a kind of grenade that causes enemies hit to disappear into “void” for a short time. Fade’s passive ability gives him a brief burst of speed when sliding across the floor. The moveset makes Fade look like an extremely agile legend that’s downright deadly in the right hands. We’re excited to see what tactical gameplay scenarios Fade will create.

Apex Legends Mobile: Release and new trailer – Fade exclusively for smartphones

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When can I play? Apex Legends Mobile is set to release worldwide on May 17th. available for iOS and Android. So keep your eyes open in the AppStore or Google Play Store to download the right version for your mobile phone. As long as Apex Legends Mobile has not yet been officially released, you can still register on the EA’s website pre-register to receive additional in-game rewards.

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