Apple introduces new accessibility features: door detection, live captions and more

Apple accessibility door detection


An important day at Apple for users who depend on accessibility. In addition to today being World Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple introduces new features dedicated to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac on this essential section for users with different disabilities. The intention is that they can navigate, connect and take advantage of all Apple products without regard to any limitations..

New accessibility features dedicated to navigation, health, communication and more by Apple

Thanks to the latest technologies created and developed by those from Cupertino, it is possible to offer users tools at their fingertips and based on the company’s commitment: create products that are functional for everyone. One of the cool features is “Door Detection”. Visually impaired people can use their iPhone or iPad to get to their destination if they have to open a door. An example of the function: if a door is closed, the detection will report how the door can be opened (turning a knob, pushing or pulling a handle). For iPhone and iPad users with color blindness there are 4 must-have features.

Door detection operation for visually impaired users

People who have physical and/or motor disabilities will be able to control their Apple Watch from the iPhone with “Apple Watch Mirroring”. Thanks to “Voice Control” and “Switch Control” it is possible to use voice, sound actions or head movements to execute options as if you were touching the screen of the smart watch. On the other hand, hearing-impaired users can use the new “Live Captions” feature.

Live captions for content on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

A very useful and attention-grabbing feature is «Live Captions». Any audio content will be subtitled in real time, including FaceTime calls, content from social networks or video apps. If the person has someone next to them who is speaking, this tool will come into action to be able to converse without any problem.

In order to communicate, for example, in a FaceTime call, the user will be able to write a response and it will be spoken aloud in real time to the person or persons on the call. All information that is processed is subject to Apple’s privacy and security.

FaceTime Live Captions

This is how live captioning will work on a FaceTime call

Other Features Announced

To continue offering the best coverage in terms of languages ​​and regions, “VoiceOver” expands support to over 20 additional settings. The Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian and Vietnamese languages ​​stand out. Let us remember that these improvements will also be presented in the same function dedicated to the Apple Watch. “Buddy Controller”, a function that will help any user to receive support to control a game.

An improved function is “sound recognition”. It can now be customized specifically in the user’s environment. Sounds as everyday as an alarm, a doorbell or an appliance such as a blender.

Features are expected to arrive via software updates later in the yearpossibly in enhanced versions of the new iOS 16, macOS 13, iPadOS 16, and watchOS 9 operating systems.

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