Evil Dead: The Critic’s Hour – Video

Evil Dead: The Critic's Hour - Video

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In the adaptation of the film classic, Hagen Gehritz and Dennis Hilla set out to put the devils in their place. Would you voluntarily continue playing after two rounds?

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The horror and splatter friends among you should like the name evil Dead definitely say something. No wonder, after all, counts in this country as dance of the Devil well-known film to one of the most iconic works of its kind. After a sequel, a remake and a TV series that has been running since 2015, the next part of the legacy now follows: Evil Dead – The Game.

In the game adaptation, however, you don’t simply experience the antics of Ash Williams. Rather, it is an asymmetric multiplayer game, optionally with cooperative or competitive components. Because you can either hunt down the hellish hordes as a team of four or you slip into the skin of a demon and set traps, take control of lowly creatures or use special abilities to prevent the humans from using the Necronomicon to back you up banished to the underworld. As has been the case with many licensed products in the past Bruce Campbellwho portrays Ash, is also back in the production.

Hagen Gehrotz and Dennis Hilla are curious and want to know: Can another horror multiplayer version be fun at all? We remember, in the past was already Friday the 13th implemented in a similar way. And in Dead by Daylight familiar faces (or masks) appear regularly on radio and television. So Hagen and Dennis put on the demon slayer boots and grabbed an Xbox One X and a Series X and went demon hunting in co-op. For at least one round, the tables turned and one of them became part of the Hellspawn.

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The two spent an hour together with Evil Dead – The Game. After this time, they have to ask themselves the bottom line of all questions: Would they continue to play voluntarily and in their private time?

Have fun watching!


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