FIFA going further soon? Take-Two Interested in Soccer Game!

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After more than 20 years, EA and FIFA will join forces in the summer of 2023 separate ways walk. If you want to play the titles of the FIFA series in the future, you have to get the offshoots of EA Sports FC to buy. Apart from the name, not much will change, as we told you recently in a article have betrayed. However, FIFA wants to quickly transfer its naming rights to a new company in order to bring more games to the market.

Publisher Take-Two talks about the FIFA brand

A first interested party is apparently with Take Two been found. The publisher is known, among other things, for its various sports games – this includes NBA 2K, WWE 2K and many more. So far, football hasn’t really been an issue at Take-Two. In an interview with IGN CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that Take-Two can imagine further games in the sports portfolio. Regarding FIFA, however, he hasn’t had any plans yet that he wants to share with the public.

What are the chances of FIFA 2K?

In the interview, Strauss Zelnick then spoke about the “great brand” and “incredible range” that FIFA would bring with it. Before a final decision about the license is made, however, it will probably take some time. First, EA brings FIFA 23 the last part of the partnership – including content for the World Cup, which will take place at the end of the year.

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