In 2008 it took 62 days for the final boss in WoW to die after an epic fight – today it takes 52 minutes to knock him down

In 2008 it took 62 days for the final boss in WoW to die after an epic fight - today it takes 52 minutes to knock him down

In MMORPG World of Warcraft 2008 saw the release of the final boss of the Sunwell raid: Kil’jaeden, an important figure in WoW history. Back then, it took 62 days for the first guild to defeat him. In 2022, Kil’Jaeden returned as the final boss in WoW Classic. He was dead after 52 minutes. But that’s not just because the players are much better today – no, Blizzard also used tricks back then.

How was WoW back then?

  • The raid “Sunwell” was a strange story in WoW back then. Actually, the expansion “The Burning Crusade” felt complete with the death of Illidan Stormrage on June 5, 2007, by the legendary guild Nihilum, and WoW fell asleep.
  • But Blizzard then brought a big update with the “Sunwell Plateau” on March 25, 2008, so that the fans wouldn’t be left without new content for a year and a half until November 2008 “Wrath of the Lich King” would be released.
  • The “Sunwell Plateau” brought tough opponents in the raid, and the last 3 bosses were “timegated”, so you couldn’t get to the bosses immediately:

The history of WoW was also marked by bugs:

See the 5 bugs that made history in WoW in the video

Timegates made bosses last more than 2 months in 2008

How did the bosses die back then? The bosses of the raid lasted a long time back then (via

  • The raid opened on March 25th and the first 3 bosses died relatively quickly: Kalecgos, Brutallus and Felmyst were killed within 2 days of the raid opening.
  • The “Eredar Twins” did not come until April 8th and died on April 10th.
  • The boss M’Uru came on April 29th and died on May 4th, so he’s been around for quite a while.
  • And the final boss Kil’jaeden only came on March 20th, 2008 and died on May 25th.
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From the start of the raid to its end, Kil’jaeden lasted 62 days and provided variety. You can watch the kill from back then in the video (via YouTube).

World of Warcraft’s best expansions

Chinese guild runs through the raid in WoW Classic in 52 minutes

This is how it is in 2022:

  • These days the “Sunwell Plateau” came to WoW Classic: That was on Friday the 13th of May 2022.
  • The Chinese guild “Old school cn” ran through the raid in 52 minutes.
  • 5 minutes later the next guild was through, 10 minutes later the third.

How is this commented? It’s already seen with sarcasm. on reddit is ridiculed that Kil’jaeden, a powerful “Demon Lord of the Burning Legion”, slayer of a thousand worlds, only lasts so short.

They then gossip: It’s because he doesn’t have legs in this version – everyone knows that legs are what make Kil’Jaeden really powerful. Kil’Jaeden came back to WoW much later and again delivered a strong fight. It took Method 655 attempts in 2017 to defeat him.

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In 2022 Sunwell came back.

Somehow there used to be more tinsel

This is behind it: Kil’Jaeden’s example shows very blatantly that a WoW Classic does not bring back the full experience of yesteryear.

The game and the players have changed a lot:

  • On the one hand, “the atmosphere from back then” is missing, the developers’ tricks to delay the raid.
  • Of course, the bosses don’t offer any surprises anymore either, nobody has to learn the fights.
  • On the other hand, the games today are much better organized and trained than they used to be.
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WoW Classic is a lot easier than many players thought