Knossi: Twitch streamer shows new dream villa and builds an algae bar in the garden

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Knossi has treated himself to a new dream villa. But now the twitch streamer from Baden-Baden wants to build an ALGE bar in his garden. Jens Knossalla has brought in reinforcements for this.

Baden-Baden – Jens “Knossi” Knossalla is one of the most successful Twitch streamers in Germany. With his events and funny nature, he has built a huge following and a good fortune. The native of Malscher has now bought a house with it. Luckily, the only thing he still lacks in his new home is a chic garden. Since he has no idea about landscaping, he quickly asks the hardware store chain OBI for help. The occurs – with a surprise for Knossi.

Full name Jens Knossalla
Known as Knossi
date of birth July 7, 1986
Place of birth malsh
Followers on Instagram 1.4 million (as of May 2022)
Followers on Twitch 2 million (as of May 2022)

Knossi buys house: desire garden is built together with OBI

What happened? Twitch streamer Knossi announced at length that he had a big surprise to tell. “1 year of preparation, had a lot of work, kept everything secret….I will show you later this month‘ he wrote on Twitter. What Knossi meant? He bought a house. Shortly after Knossi’s Mallorca trip with some problems, he showed his house in a YouTube video. But that’s not all: The 34-year-old will remodel his garden together with the hardware store chain OBI.

The video: In the Knossi YouTube video together with OBI, the streamer first presented his garden. Whom? The well-known OBI garden professional Davit Arican visited him and will lead the conversion. Knossi himself already has some plans for his new empire: “Fat bar here – the Alge Bar‘ he yells enthusiastically.

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The allusion is to his specially designed drink “Alge”. Davit Arican seems to like the ideas for his own garden. At one point or another, however, he has suggestions. The artificial turf that adorns the entire garden will probably be replaced with real turf or wood.

Knossi: Designing the house with OBI – fans are sometimes not very enthusiastic about the advertising video

Knossi has to tackle: Knossi’s house should not only be his new retreat – the streamer is already planning bigger ones. This is how he imagined himself in the video to organize his next fishing camp in his garden. However, Knossi imagined the garden conversion to be easier than it should be. As Davit Arican told him during filming, the 34-year-old can do it himself: “Well, of course I’m in now‘ said Knossi. However, the whole thing seemed a bit rehearsed – all just a promotional trick?

Knossi builds his dream garden in his new house – together with OBI.

© Youtube: OBI/Instagram: Knossi (montage)

What the fans say: Some of Knossi’s fans on YouTube and Twitter are anything but enthusiastic. Of course, most of them wish him all the best in his new house. However, many criticize that Knossi only seems to broadcast advertising. “This isn’t your house. This will just be advertisingsaid Dennis88. “So much hype for advertising‘ wrote Hatter. “Hope your address doesn’t get leakedsaid Laura.

The old address was well known. A spectator declared Knossi dead and had the hearse pull up in front of his house. In the coming weeks there will always be a new video of the garden conversion on Sundays Youtube channel of OBI give – with a hard-hitting Knossi.

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List of rubrics: © Youtube: OBI/Instagram: Knossi (montage)