LoL: Developer explains angry healers why a big nerf is coming for them next week


The MOBA League of Legends will undergo a major change with the next patch 12.10 on May 25th: the nerf hammer hits all healers in LoL. They will heal 10-28% worse than they do now. Their ability to protect teammates with a shield is also going down. The healers roar in anger, the developers explain why the nerf is necessary.

This was the news today:

  • It’s been known for a while that Riot Games wants to work on damage and healing in League of Legends. Because the players fall from 100% health points to 0% too quickly, but also heal themselves very quickly from low health points to 100%. You want to change that – LoL should be slower and more comprehensible.
  • Today it was presented exactly how to do that with patch 12.10: In principle, everyone gets more life points and can withstand more, but at the same time healing is significantly reduced.
  • In-game healing ability is said to drop between 10% and 28%. Patch 12.10 is scheduled to appear in a week on May 25th.

The patch will make a variety of balance changes:

LoL brings huge balance changes with the next update – nerft over 30 items

Riot doesn’t want a “mega-mundo-meta” – healing has to go down

Why do you nerf healers? Riot Phlox explains the reasoning behind it: Essentially, “Heal” and “Shields” will automatically become stronger with patch 12.10 because you increase the resistance of all champions at the same time and “Grevious Wound” nerfs: This is a debuff that increases healing by 40- 60% reduced.

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10 days ago, Riot Games announced that it would significantly reduce the overall damage in LoL by increasing the life points, armor level and magic resistance in the game. Players should know what exactly killed them.

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Minus 10 to 28 percent on healing.

However, increasing all champions’ ability to live longer while sticking with the old heal could cause huge problems. Champions that are already tough enough would be virtually immortal, Phlox explains.

Phlox adds: With Riot, one expects that the individual champions will be heavily adjusted anyway. But you can estimate that better when the patch is live.

Doctor Mundo, please!

“How are we supposed to have fun now?”

This is how the healers react: The announcement has already spread a lot of uncertainty. People fear that their favorite LoL heroes will be hit the hardest:

  • “Do scrub supporters get any kind of compensation? Shield and heal is all they do. How are we supposed to have fun now?”
  • “28% less healing for my boy, Swain. Well, at least he was reasonably okay for one patch.”
  • “Why don’t you guys do Mega Mundo Meta? That would be great! And I say that without any prejudice as someone who only plays mundo”

He sure can handle any meta:

How Twitch’s worst troll became the face of League of Legends

How is the patch viewed overall? The patch is currently splitting the community in LoL. Some are very skeptical, others find the patch bold and optimistic.

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At the moment it seems that “ADCs” in particular will benefit significantly from the patch, because if fights last longer, their strong, sustained damage will prevail. ADCs rely heavily on auto-attacks, dealing consistent damage.

The typical other killers in Lol like mages and assassins, i.e. midlaners, rely more on burst damage from their skills, which then need a cooldown before they can be used again.

With the next patch, a new champion should also come to LoL:

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