Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Today with Magikarp and XP for Evolution

Pokemon Go Gyarados

Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour is today, May 17, 2022. This time, the focus is on the Water Pokémon Magikarp. Here you can find out everything about the start time, the XP bonus and Shiny Magikarp.

This is the event: Spotlight Hour is a regular occurrence every Tuesday night in Pokémon GO. Here, a specific Pokémon is put in the eponymous spotlight for 60 minutes.

It then appears much more frequently. This Tuesday, this Pokémon is Magikarp. In addition, there is always an extra bonus that you can use in the hour.

Spotlight Hour with Magikarp – Start, Bonuses and Shiny

When does spotlight hour start? As always, Spotlight Hour starts at 6:00 p.m. this week. It then runs until 7:00 p.m.

What bonuses are there? Magikarp spawns will be increased so much that you can find them almost anywhere in the wild. You can also attract more Magikarp with smoke.

You’ll also get extra XP for every monster you evolve during Spotlight Hour. This doesn’t just apply to Magikarp, but anything you can evolve. It is best to search your Pokémon storage beforehand and mark the monsters that you might want to evolve.

Does Shiny Magikarp exist? Yes, Shiny Magikarp exists and you can catch it in the wild. The Shiny chance itself isn’t increased during Spotlight Hour, but with the sheer volume of spawns, you can have a promising opportunity for the Dazzling Magikarp.

You can evolve the golden Magikarp into the red Gyarados

Is the spotlight hour with Magikarp worth it today?

It is so strong: Magikarp itself is a notoriously weak Pokémon, famed for its uselessness. His Gyarados development, on the other hand, not only looks cool, but is also one of the best water attackers in Pokémon GO.

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If you’re still missing a Gyarados, you should definitely pick up the Spotlight Hour. After all, you need 400 candies for Magikarp, which are usually not that easy to collect. At the Limelight Hour you have a really good chance of it.

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Who is Limelight Hour for? In principle, anyone who is still missing a Gyarados should strike. However, Magikarp has been available in the game for a very long time – if you already have enough, you can save yourself the big fish collection.

However, you can use the Spotlight Hour to make progress towards the Magikarp Medal, for example. For this you have to catch 300 big Magikarp – and the medal is one of the most difficult ones you can get in the game.

Otherwise, it’s worth sifting through the Pokémon collection for developments today. Here you can collect a few XP for the next level without much effort.