The Chant : Psychedelic horror adventure about a cult will be released in October 2022

The Chant  (Action-Adventure) von Prime Matter

The Canadian developers of Brass Token show first impressions of their cosmic action-adventure The Chant in the teaser trailer.

The focus is said to be a mysterious New Age cult of the 70s who lives on a remote island. The opening scenes bring back memories of movies like Midsommar, and the developers say they were inspired by 70’s folk horror movies.

Unfortunately, the world of The Chant is not as idyllic as it might first appear: During a ritual, the portal to the nightmare dimension “The Gloom” was opened, which drives everyone insane with its psychedelic horror. The dimension uses the fears and anxieties of the inhabitants and manifests them as interdimensional creatures.

As a player, you don’t just embark on a spiritual journey, above all you have to create objects and fight against nasty creatures. The Chant is scheduled for release in October 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The originally announced versions for PS4 and Xbox One have since been cancelled.

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