Drachenlord wants help – YouTuber sees haters as a “danger to the general public”

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Drachenlord demands that politicians finally do something against the haters. But YouTuber Rainer Winkler makes quite a mistake in tone.

Dortmund – Rainer Winkler is desperate. The 33-year-old has become a true celebrity through his appearance as “Dragon Lord” on YouTube. Unfortunately, most of his viewers don’t want anything good for him. Drachenlord feels compelled to appeal to politicians for help – but cannot avoid insulting them in the same breath.

Full name Rainer Winkler
Known as dragon lord
Place of birth Neustadt an der Aisch
date of birth Aug 02, 1989
Followers on YouTube 221,000 (May 2022)
Followers on TikTok 171,500 (May 2022)

Drachenlord: Cry for help on YouTube – “The haters are a danger to the general public”

What happened? Unfortunately too much to explain in one paragraph. With controversial opinions spread around the web, Drachenlord has garnered an incredible amount of haters. His enemies try to make his life as difficult as possible and made sure that Drachenlord thinks about emigrating. After leaving his house in Altschauerberg, the YouTuber is sitting on the street and even some hotels are said to have “blacklisted” him.

Dragonlord desperately begs politics for help – insults them in the same sentence

© YouTube: Drachenlord/Unsplash/Pexels (montage)

No matter where he stays, his enemies find his whereabouts and have already caused more than one police raid on a Dragonlord lair. He can’t even walk into a comic book store or buy a coke without being hassled by the haters. Winkler is so terrorized by his haters that he turns to politics and says: “The haters are a danger to the general public.

“A clear call to politics: Move your A****. And I know that’s being pretentious again, but you’ve been sitting on your fat, lazy A**** for 8½ years – and I mean it.”

Dragon Lord on YouTube

This is his cry for help:You have to do something about these people‘ Dragonlord laments desperately on YouTube. He has already received many empty promises from politicians and is tired of not having received any help after more than eight years. Dragonlord becomes presumptuous and criticizes the inaction of the politicians, which, in his opinion, should intervene in such extreme situations.

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Dragonlord: No way out – haters keep picking on him

What the haters say: On Twitter, the new video of the dragon lord is again left out. The haters ask themselves why he continues to provoke with his videos and why he wouldn’t just change. To all appearances, his opponents see no wrongdoing on their part and insult Winkler non-stop. We have included the dragon lord’s call for help here.

Are there supporters? Especially on YouTube, the dragon lord community is filled with positivity. Drachenlord reported that he now has 30-40 moderators who clear the comment boxes of abusive sputum. While some comments suggest sarcasm, there are still some kind words. However, his fans also point out to him that it is not effective if he throws insults at the people who are supposed to help him. Drachenlord sells his fans ancient TikToks and has even annoyed his supporters.

Rubric list image: © YouTube: Drachenlord/Unsplash/Pexels (montage)