No joke: The Dead by Daylingt Dating Sim is coming this summer

No joke: The Dead by Daylingt Dating Sim is coming this summer

A little thrill when dating doesn’t hurt? Then you are exactly right with Hooked on You. The dating sim allows you to seduce some of the famous killers from Dead by Daylight on the beach – the butchers will certainly put the hatchet aside for you.

The butchers of your hearts

During a live stream celebrating Dead by Daylight’s sixth anniversary, the dating sim was announced. You don’t have to wait long for this romantic dream, because the interactive visual novel is scheduled to be released for Steam in the summer.

In this game you can get to know four of the iconic killers better, flirt with them and go on fancy dates – after all, killers also have very human needs. Your love candidates are The Huntress, The Spirit, The Trapper and The Wraith.

You’ll get to know these characters from a whole new perspective in Hooked on You – and not just because of the sexy anime style, which makes the game seem like a funny parody.

We’ll let Head of Partnerships, Mathieu Côté, explain: “You wanted it? You got it! Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim mixes horror, humor and romance to create a new path for fans to to interact with their favorite killers and form an emotional bond.”

More Dead by Daylight news:

A special experience for all fans

“Our goal is to offer fans a completely unique and surprising new way to experience the world of Dead by Daylight with our first visual novel.”

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For this unexpected project, Behavior has collaborated with Psyop, who have been involved in a number of visual novels.

Hooked on You makes your fantasies come true with Dead by Daylight’s well-built killers. On the beach you see the ladies and guys in skimpy outfits, some of which the first trailer shows.

A previously unknown slate is the character with which you soften the killers. The only thing that is clear is that you have a few important decisions to make. Additional killers or survivors may also guest-star in Hooked on You.

In addition to this extraordinary Dead-by-Daylight experience, a board game is currently in the works.