Common’hood with Steam Demo: “Ultimately Accurate” Building Sim

Common'hood with Steam Demo: "Ultimately Accurate" Building Sim

from Michael Miskulin
The indie game Common’hood by the developer studio Plethora Project is both a construction simulation and a community and economic game. The developers boast that the construction simulation part was realized with extremely precise construction tools. If you want to get your own impression, you can download a demo via Steam.

In Common’hood, the player must first gather materials from a ruined compound, then build a home, then grow food and research new technologies in order to build new tools and start a new family. Common’hood presents this as the basis for building a new community to live a better life.

Common’hood: Clean look and precision in construction

What is special about the indie building game is the very clean look, which also includes low-poly aesthetics, but also the building tools described by the developers as “extremely detailed”. In this way, the individual components of a building or construction can be positioned very precisely and almost every detail should be able to be determined independently. Because in order to be able to build a thriving community, the player has to grow food, build shelters and workbenches in order to finally be able to set up high-tech production facilities.

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Likewise, one must also attend to the needs of the settlers, who have their own motivations and goals. Make important members of the community out of poor people. Once the basics are established, players can create unique automations to let machines do the work and let everything grow and thrive on its own. Players can then design their unique living quarters and share them in an online game database. If your designs are used by other players, you get reputation points. If you want to try it all, you should download the demo via Steam.

Source: Steam