Dead by Daylight: Roots of Dread official trailer

Dead by Daylight: Roots of Dread official trailer

Fear knows no end with the latest chapter: Roots of Horror in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight’s new chapter, Roots of Horror, will be available on June 7th on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

Today is a sneak peek at the expansion as the roots of the horror have taken root in Dead by Daylight’s terrifying new chapter. Roots of Dread features a new Killer: The Dredge, a new Survivor: Haddie Kaur, and a disturbing new map: Garden of Joy.

what is fear What is it made of and what drives it? That’s a question fans will try to answer as they meet the latest killer to enter the Nebula: The dredge. A shapeless mass of twisted limbs writhing in the shadows, The Dredche is nothing less than a manifestation of darkness itself.

With its “monster under the bed” approach, it wields a very special power: the ability to teleport back and forth between lockers to catch unsuspecting survivors when they feel safe out of the reach of misfortune.

Those who prefer to play as Survivor can choose the bold and bold Haddie Kaur allowed to embody. Haddie was born in India and moved to Quebec with her family when she was a child. After losing her birth parents in a tragic car accident, she was raised in Quebec by a family who were close friends of her parents.

Haddie was exposed to the paranormal from an early age, fueling her with courage, determination and a dash of morbid curiosity. Having fought monsters in the past, she is one of the few survivors willing to face the killers in the entity realm. Fans may know her from her appearances in the archives and can now take charge of her destiny as a survivor.

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The new chapter also brings with it a new map: the garden of joy. The map depicts a scenic paradise in a quaint American town that hides great mysteries. The main building of this map is a classic family home, a ghostly symbol of domestic horror set against a cold and cruel backdrop.

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