Final Fantasy XIV: These 5 NPCs were most underrated

Final Fantasy XIV: These 5 NPCs were most underrated

There is an almost limitless amount of NPCs in Final Fantasy XIV. Some are extremely important and powerful, others insignificant. And some are completely underestimated by the players at first. Here are 5 of them.

It’s all about these NPCs: As is usually the case with theme park MMORPGs, the world of FFXIV is inhabited by countless NPCs. They send players on quests, advance the story, buy and sell junk, and do what NPCs in MMORPGs do.

But some of them are not what they first seem. They seem harmless or unimportant, but it turns out there’s more to them than meets the eye. We introduce you to 5 such NPCs.

Danger: Heavy spoilers follow for the story of FFXIV and several side quests.

The dealer

Who is this? The traders are among the first NPCs that the player character encounters in FFXIV. Each starter town has its own vendor that tells players something about them and serves as an exposition of sorts.

As players begin their journey in FFXIV, an opening cutscene awaits, where they are awakened from their dream by a merchant. This trader then engages them in a conversation in which one or the other little thing and lore information about the world is revealed.

Why is he underestimated? The traders from the opening cutscene appear to be completely generic NPCs at first, who don’t even have their own names. They seem like classic “throwaway NPCs” who only get one scene and then never see them again.

Most players who say goodbye to the dealers in the opening consider this NPC unimportant and underestimate its role in the game. Most of them just forget about him too.

But after the bloody banquet in Ul’dah and the escape from the city, they will see their merchant again. He comes to their aid and supports Alphinaud and the pursued character in their escape. Many a player looked amazed at the scene.

Eynzahr Slafyrsyn

Who is Eynzahr? The Roegadyn is the Marshal of the Great State Company of Limsa Lominsa, Maelstrohm. He is the right hand of Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn and enjoys her boundless trust.

Apart from that, not much is known about Eynzahr at first. The taciturn warrior mostly stays in the background, sharing his opinions and advice with Merlwyb.

Why is he underrated? Like many underrated NPCs, Eynzahr is very unimpressive at first. He’s seen here and there during the cutscenes set in Limsa Lominsa. Most of the time he stands in the background while Admiral Merlwyb issues orders and makes decisions.

Only much later does the player character find out who Eynzahr really was before he served with Merlwyb. His second identity is that of the legendary Pirate King, Mistbeard. Under the name he plundered countless ships and captured fabulous treasures.

In the Shipbreaker Island (Hard) dungeon, players can personally experience the power of the legendary pirate. He appears there as the final boss in the fight against them and shows that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Karasu Kanshi

Who is Karasu? Before the nation of Doma was invaded and conquered by the Garlearn, Karasu was studying the art of ninjutsu in a hidden village with his friends Oboro and Tsubame. He was considered one of the best students.

However, he betrayed his homeland to the invaders and worked for the Empire as a spy and ninja. Oboro and Tsubame have made it their mission to find Karasu and bring him to justice for his crimes.

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Why is he underrated? Karasu goes out of her way to be underestimated. His somewhat… eccentric ways, wacky poses and tendency to call himself the hero of the story make him really hard to take seriously as an opponent.

Each of his performances is theatrical and accompanied by his commentary, which portrays himself as great and his enemies as stupid. Despite his crazy behavior, Karasu always manages to fool the players and other NPCs.

He arranges for Oboro to defeat Doma’s true traitor, and fakes his own death multiple times. He also manages to steal the scroll with the forbidden mudra at the end of the ninja storyline, the rascal.

Ilberd Feare

Who is Ilberd? When Ilberd’s homeland, Ala Mhigo, was conquered by the Empire of Garlemald, he was forced to flee to Ul’dah. There he first worked as a mercenary until he joined the Crystal Contenders and rose in rank there.

He is also a close friend of General Raubahn, who also came from Ala Mhigo and worked his way up to become one of the wealthiest men in Ul’dah.

Why was he underestimated? Ilberd is also an NPC that has been consistently underestimated by players, albeit in terms of his sneakiness and ferocity. He initially encounters the player character as a brave and loyal fighter who joins the Crystal Contenders.

But during the bloody banquet in Ul’dah, he betrays the Dawnbond and even chops off Raubahn’s arm. But even after the bloody end of ARR and Raubahn’s rescue from Heavensward prison, Ilberd seems little more than a puppet of Lolorito pulling all the strings in the background.

Hardly anyone suspects that he will be responsible for countless deaths and unleash a war. With the help of Ascians, he acquires the eyes of Nidhogg, which still hold much magical power, and commits suicide to summon the Primae Shinryu.

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The Mandervilles

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Who are the Mandervilles? The side quests, which revolve around the self-proclaimed criminologist Hildibrand Manderville, already existed in FFXIV in the failed 1.0 version. Together with his assistant Nashu, Hildi solves tricky criminal cases. Or at least tries.

Because his adventures are always associated with a lot of chaos and often end with him being catapulted somewhere. As the quests progressed, other members of the Manderville family were also introduced. And they have it all.

Why were they underestimated? The fact that the parents of the legendary detective Hildibrand Manderville most likely have to be officially a gossip is something that quickly becomes clear to the players right at the beginning of the Hildibrand quest series. After all, few NPCs within these quests are blessed with common sense.

Hardly anyone suspects at first that Father Godbert has powers that would make any primate tremble. After all, what do you expect from a guy who always walks around in his shorts and plays Santa during the Starlight Festival?

Angering Julyan is a very, very bad idea.

But even more powerful than Godbert is his worthy wife Julyan, Hildibrand’s mother. Although she is initially portrayed as a loving and caring mother. But woe to him who draws their anger upon himself. He immediately feels the full power of her frying pan, which even her husband Godbert is afraid of.

Luckily, she is friendly towards the player characters. After all, they took care of their dearest son and are his good friends.

In your opinion, which NPCs are still underestimated in FFXIV? Write us your opinion in the comments and tell us why it is these NPCs.