Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: All winners of the Universum Fight Night at a glance

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The fights Sinan-G vs. Bözemann and Denizon vs. Kaan Yavi are over. Here we show you all winners and fights at a glance.

Hamburg – The big Universum Fight Night is over. This time, among others, the rappers Sinan-G and Bözemann and the YouTubers Denizon and Kaan Yavi fought against each other. In addition, there were a number of fights by amateur boxers, which rounded off the evening. But who won in the end? We show you all the results of the fights at a glance.

events boxing match
counterparties Bözemann vs Sinan-G
Followers on Instagram 18,500 vs 383,000 (as of March 2022)
Monthly listeners Spotify 12,230 vs 162,100 (as of March 2022)
fight date May 21, 2022
live stream Universe Boxing on YouTube

Sinan-G vs Bözemann: Winner of the Universum Fight Night – result of the preliminary fights

These are the winners: Before and between the main fights there were a total of nine other fights by lesser-known amateur boxers. There you could see some technical KOs and some fights went over the full number of rounds. Here you can see the winners at a glance. The names in bold represent the winner of the duels:

  • Thulasi Tharumalingam vs Bazargur Jugder
  • Yusuf Atmis vs Bojan Despot
  • Darian Yasar vs Andrei Dragomir
  • Norbert Szekeres vs. Karo Murad
  • Romano Kujak vs. Elvis Smajlovic
  • Edinson Demaj vs Jiri Kroupa
  • Bernard Donfack vs. James Kraft
  • Dzmitry Asanau vs Marcos Villasana
  • Zhan Kossobutskiy vs. Johann Duhaupas
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Sinan-G vs Bözemann: Universum Fight Night Winner – Result of Benfresh vs. Kamran Aminzade

This is the winner: Surprisingly, this fight was cancelled. The two opponents did not have the necessary sporting respect for each other. The audience in the hall loudly booed this decision. As an alternative, however, they got to see the fight between Benfresh and Igor Kantar.

The YouTuber made short work of Kantar and sent him off the boards in the first lap. The referee ended the fight and declared Benfresh the winner.

Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: All winners of the Universum Fight Night at a glance.

© YouTube / Universe Boxing

Sinan-G vs Bözemann: Universum Fight Night Winner – Result of Denizon vs. Kaan Yavi

This is the winner: The second main fight of the day took place just before midnight. Denizon and Kaan Yavi fought a gripping fight over the full six rounds. The two YouTubers delivered a decent performance, which could definitely keep up with the other fights of the evening in terms of quality.

In the end, Denizon won the fight. According to the ring announcer, the result was extremely close. The two YouTubers hugged each other after the fight and congratulated each other on the fight.

Denizon wins against Kaan Yavi.

© Universe Boxing (YouTube)

Sinan-G vs Bözemann: Universum Fight Night Winner – Main Fight Result

This is the winner: The last fight of the evening was eagerly awaited and started at full throttle. The boxers fought directly and a real boxing match looks different. It was also hot next to the ring. There spectators fought through the hall.

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In the end, Sinan-G won by technical KO. Bözemann could no longer keep his cover and received one blow after the other.

Rubric list image: © YouTube / Universum Boxing