Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: commentator sinks into the ground – “low point in boxing”

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The fight between Sinan-G and Bözemann was to be the highlight of Universum Fight Night. In the end, the fight sank into chaos and it was threatened with termination.

Hamburg – The big Universum Fight Night on YouTube was scheduled for May 21st. There, among others, the two rappers Sinan-G and Bözemann competed against each other. Even before the fight, the two rappers exchanged a few announcements. Everything should be clarified in the ring, but the fight was more than chaotic and ended in pack formation. Even commentator legend Tobias Drews resigned. He called it a “low point in boxing.”

events boxing match
counterparties Bözemann vs Sinan-G
Followers on Instagram 18,500 vs 383,000 (as of March 2022)
Monthly listeners Spotify 12,230 vs 162,100 (as of March 2022)
fight date May 21, 2022
live stream Universe Boxing on YouTube

Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: Fight ends in chaos – brawl next to the ring

Here’s how the fight went: The fight between Sinan-G and Bözemann was long awaited. At around 12:52 a.m. on May 21, 2022, both fighters faced each other in the ring and hit each other hard. Not much attention was paid to technology. Instead, the fight quickly resembled a street brawl.

Not only in the ring was the atmosphere heated. There was also a lot going on next to the octagon, because there were beating scenes between spectators. The fight had to be interrupted in the meantime because some fans fled the hall. The moderators tried to calm the situation and bring the audience back to their seats.

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The fight continued a little later, but was finally stopped. Bözemann couldn’t get his guard up and the referee had to intervene. Sinan-G’s team then stormed the ring and celebrated their boxer. – without the rituals customary in boxing to validate the winner being able to be held beforehand. Some spectators also came running into the ring. You can also find the details of the fight in the ticker for the fight between Sinan-G vs. Bözemann.

Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: Commentator is ashamed – “A low point in boxing”.

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Sinan-G vs. Bözemann: Legendary commentators are ashamed

This is how the commenter reacted: The fight was commented on by Tobias Drews. He is an absolute legend in boxing and has accompanied numerous fights. In this fight, however, you quickly realized that he was ashamed. So he said that the commentator’s table has shifted a few meters because the brawl next to the ring degenerated too much.

Drews called the situation a “low point in boxing.” He also said he doesn’t want to comment further. In the end he accompanied the fight to the end, but seemed visibly shocked by the situation. In the end, close to resignation, he described the action as an “unworthy conclusion to an otherwise good event”. We have summarized all winners of the big Universum Fight Night in another article.

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