Steam Deck: iFixit brings numerous spare parts onto the market – even the complete mainboard

Steam Deck: iFixit brings numerous spare parts onto the market - even the complete mainboard

from Valentin Sattler
iFixit accidentally published a list of replacement parts for the Steam Deck. Accordingly, the company soon wants to offer numerous replacement components, including the mainboard and the two available displays.

Many users shy away from repairing ready-made hardware systems such as smartphones or notebooks, since many manufacturers neglect repairability, for example in order to enable more compact accommodation of the components. While compact dimensions are just as desirable for a handheld console like the Steam Deck, Valve still seems to want the device to be highly repairable.

Numerous spare parts for the Steam Deck

Even before the release of the Steam Deck, the company iFixit, which specializes in repairs, published a complete teardown of the handheld and awarded it a fairly good repair rating of 7 out of 10 points. In addition, at the same time announced by Valvethat iFixit is one of the companies supposed to sell official replacement parts for the Steam Deck. And the list of these same components has now been accidentally published.

The iFixit US and UK stores recently listed the spare parts on offer with their corresponding prices. According to the iFixit Twitter account, while that was a misleading announcement and the corresponding prices were removed, the sites The Verge and Gaming On Linux could copy the product list with the corresponding prices beforehand. In addition to special repair kits, there should be a large selection of individual spare parts.

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The list published by The Verge includes, for example, replacement fans, speakers, D-Pad membranes, thumbsticks or housing parts. In addition, the whole motherboard was listed for $350 and the various screens for $65 and $95 respectively. As soon as the corresponding components are available, you should be able to replace almost everything on the Steam Deck. Only a few components, such as the internal metal frame and unfortunately also the battery, have not yet been listed by iFixit. At least for the latter, however, a solution is said to be in the works, so hopefully an exchange will soon be possible here as well.

Source: The Verge