Amazon, Disney and Co: Which streaming services do you use for films and series?

Amazon, Disney and Co: Which streaming services do you use for films and series?

Streaming services have become indispensable in everyday life and there is now a large selection of different providers. Which ones do you have a subscription to?

This streaming is about: While streaming movies and TV series was still in its infancy in the early 2000s, it has become widespread in recent years. With Netflix leading the way, more and more major entertainment companies have gradually launched their own streaming channels online.

Amazon, Disney, Apple and many others offer their customers unique programs that are only available from them and also go into the production business themselves. Again and again there are films and series that are referred to as “Netflix” or “Amazon Original”.

This trend is also seeping into gaming. Series like Arcane from League of Legends, Halo, Witcher or Castlevania are very popular with fans of the games and there are more to come.

The streaming services are suitable both for relaxing on the couch, but also for “side watching” while you’re grinding away in an MMORPG in peace and quiet.

Which providers do you have a subscription with and how do you prefer to watch your films and TV series?

How to vote: In the survey tool below you can select which streaming services you currently have an active subscription to. You have up to 11 votes that you want to cast, so if you own each subscription, you can vote for them as well. However, the choice cannot be undone.

Tell us on which platforms you consume your films and TV series. Why did you choose the platform specifically? Which series inspired you the most there? Have you switched providers in the meantime? Why?

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Let us know in the comments and have fun voting.

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