Animal Crossing fan ‘proves’: Reiner is a grave robber who will stop at nothing

Is Reiner stealing the real artworks we can buy from him?  Yes, at least according to this guide.

Is Reiner stealing the real artworks we can buy from him? Yes, at least according to this guide.

Reiner (in English Redd) is a witty fox. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons he keeps trying to sell us fake artworks. But even if he tries to cheat us, there is always an original hidden among his fakes. But where did he get that from anyway?

According to YouTuber Wooden Turtle, the answer lies in the Jolly Redd’s Treasure Hunting Guide. Although this is not an official explanation as to where Reiner really gets the valuable sculptures and paintings, the fan video still gives us a theory worth seeing – and with a surprisingly macabre ending.

Reiner’s Treasure Hunting Guide is grim

“You found an old VHS tape on the floor of your island and decided to watch it. Turns out Reiner was a busy fox,” reads the Wooden Turtle guide video. Of course, this VHS tape doesn’t actually exist in the game, but that doesn’t change the fact that the elaborate video is really worth watching:

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What to see in the Treasure Hunting Guide In the guide, which has been trimmed down to date, Reiner takes us on a treasure hunt to Egypt and explains step by step how he finds rare works of art and makes real money with them.

  • Step 1 – Find an old place: Of course, Egypt is a good place to go, where old tombs are teeming with treasures.
  • Step 2 – Journey there: Of course, Reiner uses his cutter for this and draws the route covered on a map. Arriving in Egypt, he sets out for the Pyramids of Giza. He also has time for a few shots with holiday flair.
  • Step 3 – Go inside: Now it’s getting dark. Inside one of the burial chambers, Reiner can hardly see his own paw in front of his eyes. It’s a bit like a horror movie when the wind howls eerily through the corridors.
  • Step 4 – Steal, uh…borrow the treasure: And of course, make sure you don’t take crap like the scarab. In the sarcophagi, the yield is much better, as Reiner shows. So it’s no wonder that he finds a Tutankhamun mask on a mummy. A little later he also comes across a bust of Nefertiti, which the mummy doesn’t seem to like at all.
  • Step 5 – Get Out! Nobody said treasure hunts were safe. But Reiner stays cool and is happy about his yield.
  • Step 6 – Profit: Of course, all the excitement was not in vain for Reiner. He ends up offering the artworks for sale on TV. Well, interested? I’m sure we’ll get the cousin discount from him.
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But stop! The video isn’t over yet. The mummy seems to have followed Reiner and is really pissed off. But hey, Reiner also solves the problem in a relaxed manner with a chainsaw. With a chainsaw?! The fox really walks over corpses. Maybe we should think twice before getting involved with him?

If collecting the artworks is not enough for you, you can continue with the DLC content:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Trailer reveals the first paid DLC


Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Trailer reveals the first paid DLC

The guide not only uses suitable sounds and elements from New Horizons, but with its simplicity it underlines Reiner’s character of getting lots of Sternis quickly and easily. We might not have mistaken him for a chainsaw-wielding mummy hunter, but that’s just the imagination of Wooden Turtle.

If you don’t want to get fooled by Reiner in the game, we recommend our guide, which explains how to unmask his fakes:

All paintings + how to spot the fakes


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

All paintings & how to spot the fakes

If Reiner hasn’t arrived on the island yet, we can help you there with a guide. And in case you haven’t discovered it yet, there are clever details behind Reiner’s fake paintings.

What do you think of Jolly Redd’s Treasure Hunting Guide? Do you also think that this is how Reiner gets his hands on the works of art?