Asmongold criticizes the monetization of World of Warcraft

Asmongold criticizes the monetization of World of Warcraft

One must Asmongold don’t look to know the successful one Twitch Streamer a huge one World of Warcraft-fan is. Accordingly, he often comments on the MMORPG and recently also shared his opinion on the newly announced Dragonflight expansion, which he has already fallen in love with.

However, the announcement of Dragonflight seems to generate less hype than other WoW expansions, and Asmongold worries that Blizzard could repeat past mistakes. But during Dragon flight is still in the distant future, the streamer currently has a bone to pick with World of Warcraft.

A crazy spiral of money: Asmongold on the absurd monetization of WoW

Asmongold came up with yesterday’s stream after a viewer donation monetization to speak of WoW and did not leave a good hair on the multiplayer role-playing game: “Let me explain what the point of WoW is. The first thing you do is buy the game. Then you buy the expansion, then you buy the subscription, then you buy the boost and then you buy the WoW token, um Buy gold to buy the boost for the raid.”

“Then you buy the other WoW Token to buy the gear on the auction house that you need to switch to tier gear, and then you buy another WoW Token to buy a boost for the next gear in advance After you buy WoW Token, you buy another WoW Token to buy enchantments and gems to keep your legendary [Gegenstände] to improve.”

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“So basically you spend all your money on the game until you stop playing it. That’s how it works. That’s how you play WoW now. That’s what’s fun.” The streamer’s final sentence is dripping with sarcasm, underscoring his critical stance on the payment model from World of Warcraft.