Babylon’s Fall: Square Enix supports game with second season

Babylon's Fall: Square Enix supports game with second season

from Alexander Ney
Square Enix brought its employees Kenji Saito and Takahisa Sugiyama to the interview table to talk about their Babylon’s Fall project. Accordingly, the Hack ‘n Slash, which suffers from very low player numbers, is to be provided with a second season of content and changed for the better.

Unfortunately, the hack-and-slash number Babylon’s Fall among too few players. That’s why co-developer and publisher Square Enix asked the game’s two game directors to via interview make vows of improvement. Said Kenji Saito and Takahisa Sugiyama said they intend to continue supporting Babylon’s Fall – even with a second season of content. According to Sugiyama, they are aware that the measures taken so far are “far from” sufficient. “We will also be making other fixes and improvements alongside all the new content we will be releasing in the future”said the Japanese, who worked on Tales of Legendia in PS2 times.

“Failed to test the graphics sufficiently”

Meanwhile, the team led by Saito and Sugiyama added more game modes and gear, better balanced dungeons, and made matchmaking changes. Regarding Takahisa Sugiyama: “There are still many areas where we have not done enough and many aspects that will be difficult to change unless we focus our efforts.” There is some wiggle room to meet player expectations while the game is “diligently developed and improved.”

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In addition, the visuals of Babylon’s Fall changes. While the title was characterized in some ways by its oil painting-like visuals, this graphic style is controversial among players. Sugiyama admitted in the interview: “The team had failed to adequately test the graphics, particularly the visibility aspect and how this might cause stress for players playing an action game for a long period of time.”

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The second season of content for Babylon’s Fall is due out soon. Meanwhile, the ill-fated hack ‘n slash’s player counts add up an average of 30 players at the same time. Most of the players came together on March 4th; 1,166 people climbed the Tower of Babel here.

Source: via Eurogamer