Buy PS5: After a surprise drop at Amazon – when will there be new consoles?

Buy PS5: After a surprise drop at Amazon – when will there be new consoles?

In Germany, Amazon brought supplies out of nowhere. So there are chances of further surprise drops from the shipping giant.

Update from 05/20/2022, 08:00 a.m: If you are still on the hunt for the PS5, then you should pay more attention to Amazon IT (Italy) and FR (France) next week. There is a high probability of a drop there. The interesting thing for us: Amazon IT and FR deliver smoothly to Germany, there are no additional fees, and you don’t need any other power cable, adapter or similar. So keep your eyes open there in the coming week.

By the way, even if things are quiet at Amazon at the moment, there are quite a few other retailers where things could get exciting. For a comprehensive overview of the current supply situation and all relevant developments relating to the PlayStation 5, we therefore recommend that you take a look at our PS5 live ticker.

Update from 05/19/2022, 08:55 a.m: Unfortunately, there were no drops yesterday at Amazon Italy and France. However, these are likely to follow in the coming week. So if you’re still chasing a PS5, you should be careful again next week at Amazon. Because Amazon IT and FR deliver to Germany without any problems. At Amazon DE, things should calm down again for the time being when it comes to fresh PS5 supplies.

Thanks to the drop at Amazon DE, the fate of the mysterious Horizon bundle has finally been clarified. The PS5 hunter scene had been puzzling over this for several weeks: Is this bundle, including the Prime note, a kind of deceptive maneuver or a distraction for further drops? Is it still possible? Or will it remain permanently Prime-tagged as a dust collector, like the Ratchet & Clank bundle already does? In the end it was actually sold – albeit with a slight delay.

Buy PS5: Unfortunately, no more drops at Amazon IT and FR

Update from 05/18/2022, 3:30 p.m: Even if the expected drop at Amazon IT and FR didn’t come – thanks to the surprise at Amazon DE, many a PS5 hunter should have stocked up. But what do you play on the new console? Amazon helps with the decision, because there are many top titles on offer here: dust off top games for the PS5 at the Amazon deal – up to 61 percent reduced

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Update from 05/18/2022, 11:10 a.m: For all buyers who were able to hit Amazon today and for those who are still looking for cheap accessories for their PS5. At Amazon you can currently buy the DualSense controller in red for only 59 euros. This makes it even cheaper than the white controller. Here is the product:

Update from 05/18/2022, 09:29 am: The sale in Germany is probably first through. The drop comes as quite a surprise, because actually everyone looked at Amazon in Italy and France. So be sure to stay tuned, because sales could start there right away. Shipping to Germany is possible without any problems.

Update from 05/18/2022, 09:25 am: Orders are still going through. Use the direct link and you will end up with the console in the shopping cart. Keep trying, sometimes the orders go through.

Update from 05/18/2022, 09:21 am: Here is the direct link to the bundle: Buy PS5 Bundle on Amazon*

Buy PS5: So yes! The Horizon Bundle is now on sale!

Update from 05/18/2022, 09:15 am: Drop alert on Amazon! The PS5 is available in Germany. Here the link:

Update from 05/18/2022, 08:55 a.m: Another little tip, should the drop actually happen right away: You can find the PS5 as an offer directly from Amazon in the right-hand bar if you click on “All offers” (“Voir toutes les offres” in French or “Visualizza tutte le opzioni di acquisto” in Italian).

Buy PS5: Here you will find the button for “All offers” on Amazon


Original message from May 18, 2022, 7:50 a.m.: Hamburg, Germany – The shipping giant Amazon is one of the four largest and most important PS5 providers in Germany, along with OTTO, MediaMarkt and Saturn. In short: If you are still on the hunt for a PlayStation 5 from Sony, this dealer is definitely one of the most important places to go. And today it could possibly get really hot there. There could be drops in several countries, including here in Germany. Here are the current prospects at Amazon.

Buy PS5: Amazon drops abroad are pending – what about Germany?

When was the last time you could buy the PS5 from Amazon? The last drop at Amazon wasn’t that long ago. In Germany there was even a replenishment in May – on May 11th. In other European countries, May also brought a few drops.

This is how it is currently with fresh PS5 supplies at Amazon: In short: quite promising. As of now, it looks like Amazon IT (Italy) and Amazon FR (France) will have PS5 drops coming up soon. The Prime notice for the PS5 Disc Edition has recently appeared in each location – albeit with a different date. At Amazon FR it is said that Prime customers are preferred until May 28th, at Amazon IT it is May 31st.

For PS5 hunters, this means: Be careful there at the typical Amazon time (between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.) – today and possibly also next week if nothing comes today. Why? Amazon IT and FR deliver to Germany without any problems, there are no additional fees, and you don’t need any other power cable, adapter or similar.

But it could also get hot at Amazon DE today or next week. Because in the scene one still thinks it is possible that the PlayStation 5 with drive or the PS5 bundle with Horizon: Forbidden West could still follow. A drop at Amazon IT, FR and DE is therefore not guaranteed today (IT and FR could also come next week), but it is definitely possible. So today, as a precaution, pay more attention to the online giant.

Buy PS5: Today Amazon could drop again in several countries


By the way, Amazon isn’t the only exciting retailer in terms of fresh PS5 supplies today. If you generally don’t want to miss a drop and always want to be up to date on the current supply situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely pay a visit to our PS5 live ticker.

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The most important links to the PS5 on Amazon: Whether with us in Germany or in France and Italy – should it actually come to a drop at Amazon today, then here are the links to the most relevant PS5 offers from the shipping giant:

Here are some more tips: An Amazon Prime subscription is mandatory in the respective country! Because Amazon has been selling the PS5 only to active Prime members for quite a while. If you have “only” subscribed to Amazon Prime in Germany, this is unfortunately not enough for drops abroad. Here you can test the service for free (if you haven’t already done so) or subscribe:

What could also be important: If a billing address in the respective country is required (you already need it for the Prime subscription), then use Google and take the address of any fast food restaurant (e.g. McDonnald’s) or shopping center in Italy/France accordingly . That’s absolutely enough. It is only important that you choose your German delivery address at the end so that the PS5 arrives safely with you.

If you are generally not averse to buying a PS5 abroad, we also recommend this article: Buying a PS5 abroad: These dealers deliver to Germany without stress

And our availability analysis for the current week should also interest many a PS5 hunter: Buy PS5: Availability from May 16th. – These 4 dealers are particularly hot

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