CoD Modern Warfare 2: DMZ should go in the direction of Escape From Tarkov

CoD Modern Warfare 2: DMZ should go in the direction of Escape From Tarkov

from Alexander Ney
Tom Henderson and YouTuber Neros Cinema recently threw around revealing upcoming Call of Duty titles. Accordingly, Infinity Ward is said to be working on a new game mode for Modern Warfare 2 that follows in the footsteps of Escape from Tarkov. Warzone 2 also includes new Strongholds.

Leaks for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are currently piling up. Many of them come from well-known industry insiders Tom Henderson, “The Ghost Of Hope”, “Ralph Valve” and the Youtuber “Neros Cinema”. According to the leaks, Modern Warfare 2 will have the new game mode “DMZ”, which is heavily based on the gameplay of Escape from Tarkov. In this mode, missions are only successful if sufficient loot has been captured from chests or from other players and the respective area has been left. In the event of a defeat, all equipment is lost. in one Reddit thread meanwhile, DMZ is viewed critically. Such a mode is impossible in CoD, “unless you reinvent the game”. Another writer suspects a “casual version” of Tarkov behind it.

Warzone 2: Strongholds are a dynamic element

Nero’s Cinema recently posted a video online in which he revealed new details about CoD: Warzone 2. The leaker described these revelations Tom Hernderson via Exporter as authentic – with “minor deviations”. Among other things, matches are said to be played here with backpacks in the future, which should only offer little space for objects. Also, loadouts might be harder to come by due to new strongholds. Henderson described these in his article as follows:

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“Although Warzone 2 is still in development, Strongholds have been described to me as a new dynamic element designed to make players think carefully about their decisions, because once a Stronghold has been taken, other players cannot enter it. […] If there are no available forts in your area, you must either move to the next available location or wait for the move that spans the entire map.”

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Furthermore, it seems that armor plates in Warzone 2 require a special bag that needs to be tracked down on the map. If the revelations turn out to be correct, classic cards will also return in Warzone 2 – so far we have been talking about “Afgan”, “Highrise”, “Quarry” and “Terminal”. The official information is still sparse – and Activision is trying to counteract the flood of leaks.

Source: exporter