CoD Warzone: Which player type are you? Find out in our quiz

cod warzone yegor skins complete

In the big Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone you can meet a wide variety of player types and usually fit into a drawer wonderfully. Find out what kind of player you are in the MeinMMO quiz.

Some of the craziest people are out and about in Call of Duty: Warzone. You notice this especially when you activate the in-game chat and listen to the short audio snippets of the opponents that CoD transmits to the shooter after a kill.

But what type of player are you? With our little MeinMMO quiz you can find out what makes you special in the Warzone and which advantages of the gameplay you enjoy the most. Do you use the best weapons in the Warzone in every match or are you always looking for the next loot box?

Tell us in the comments what result you came to and how you prefer to proceed in the Warzone.

How does the quiz work? You can answer a total of 6 questions about your playing style in Warzone and at the end you will get an assessment of your game type. Each question fits more to a certain type and in the end the characteristics that predominate in you decide.

You can repeat the quiz as often as you like. But you can’t change answers in the middle. If you made a complete mistake, refresh the page and the quiz will start over.

What are you doing during the preparation phase?

What is your favorite thing to do after the match starts?

You see an enemy squad. How do you proceed?

Which Warzone order makes the most sense to you?

The endgame is coming – Which tactic suits you best?

Warzone Player Types Quiz

cosmetic freak

You like to play Battle Royale and use all the possibilities that the game gives you. This does not necessarily apply to the gameplay, but rather to the cool cosmetic items in the game. The crazy Yegor skins are one of your absolute favorites and you’re always there when the double XP weekend before the end of a season is due. At level 63 there’s another cool watch that definitely belongs in your inventory.

Crazy YouTuber

cod warzone weapons aug setups pros title

You know the OP weapons and you know what’s going on in the Warzone. And you like to share that with your viewers – whether it’s 3 or 3,000. You’re usually the most talkative on your team, entertaining yourself and all of your audience. Your comrades usually like to play with you. Unless you go into rage mode again and don’t treat your input devices according to the usage instructions.

Rusher without mercy

CoD Warzone Mp7 Setup Title

Always on, always faster, always more kills. You’re a classic rusher in battle royale and don’t shy away from a fight. As soon as you are the first to touch the ground in the nearby Warzone, you’ll immediately launch your pistol at the enemies and keep that pace throughout the match. You need a team that can keep up with this pace, then you can often win in the war zone.

The circle runner

cod warzone player types circle runner auto gas

You know how things work and you’re eager to win every game. You prefer to land on the gas circle edge and stay close to your team. You then go with the circle and try to fight your way to the endgame step by step. You also like to vary your tactics and sometimes do more, sometimes fewer orders or opponents. However, if you find the item “circle preview” with your team, you will be the first to stand on the nasty camper spots. But this often results in a win.

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The Loot Addict

cod warzone game types spontaneous loot rigidity

The Battle Royale Warzone is a walk in the park for you. Literally. Always looking for the next loot box, you often lose touch with your team and fall into a loot paralysis as soon as more than 2 interesting items pop out of a box. That means you’ll have to visit the Gulag more often, but that doesn’t bother you at all. Because when you get back into the match, at least nobody will complain that you’re already hunting for loot boxes again.

meta player

cod warzone weapons r9-0 setup dragon breath ammo title

You know every tactic, weapon and area of ​​Verdansk inside and out. As soon as the circle is known on the approach, you immediately have the right procedure ready to get to your loadout box as quickly as possible. Because without your meta weapons you feel naked. You play to win every round and have already celebrated many wins. Sometimes your team gets annoyed with you, but that doesn’t bother you. Because you know they need you.

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A victory in a Battle Royale is something special for many players and can be the highlight of a day. But not everyone is so eager to win. Some people just want to quietly start some co-op action with their buddies. You can find more personality quizzes here:

It is important that the fun wins in the end. It doesn’t matter whether you often sit in the gulag but laugh a lot with your friends or limit your communication to tactical instructions, but often fight strong battles and win wins. The feeling at the end of a session counts. If you want to take it more seriously, here are the tactics of the most successful Warzone player for the map Verdansk.