Diablo Immortal, Arclight Rumble, Blizzard Mobile – the main thing is hate

Leaks: Don't do anything for you - and not for me either

Maybe I don’t function like most players. This may be due to the fact that, in my opinion, I came to “gaming” relatively late. I don’t have that deep connection to the games that Blizzard Entertainment made “back then”; World of Warcraft was the first game that really overwhelmed me, even captured me. I haven’t played anything else in years.

And I never really got used to the concept of “I have to try everything” gaming after that. I have two or three games that I play relatively persistently – and sometimes I just take a break. But during this break I do other things. I don’t necessarily play. Or let’s put it this way: I don’t necessarily only play on the PC. Or just on the console. I also like to gamble on the phone. And maybe that’s why I can’t understand the announcement hate about Diablo Immortal and Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

The hate I understand


even i understand that the announcement of Diablo Immortal went super shitty and I suspect that the whole disaster made an impression on the developers for so long that they have now decided to release Immortal for the PC as well. A little in reparation. An apology. Or so.

I understand that the fans who were hoping for a core game, i.e. a PC Diablo, got upset. Diablo 4 to be exact. And I don’t understand how anyone at Blizzard could have been so deluded as to think it a good idea to alienate core gamers at BlizzCon like that.

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I played Immortal for a few minutes back at this BlizzCon, and it was exactly what I expected. I had fun with it, it was fun on the go. I like Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. There was no reason for me to hate the idea of ​​Immortal. I like immortals. And I don’t like the people who now throw blankets at Immortal without ever having even played it for a minute. Just because Immortal is primarily a mobile game.

The hate I don’t understand

At the beginning of May 2022, Blizzard announced the Warcraft mobile game Warcraft Arclight Rumble weeks in advance. And although the Blizzardians acted as transparently as possible and said as early as March 2022 that it was a Warcraft mobile game, Arclight Rumble immediately reaped the hatred of gamers. “Ugh, a Clash Royale”, that’s the consensus. I understand that there are fans who wished for a Pokemon Go for WoW pets. Or a Pokémon game, which is best done right away using the pets you’ve collected in World of Warcraft.

Some fans would like to see this linking of pets from WoW with a mobile game – but one should not underestimate how difficult it can be to implement this. And it might also require a complete overhaul of the pet battle system in the online role-playing game. Several times over the past few years, people at Blizzard have pointed out that pet battles for smartphones are unlikely. And .. honestly, why would you need a WoW Go with the pets from Azeroth?

I don’t understand why people dislike Arclight Rumble. I’ve played it and I’m participating in the techtest. The balancing is currently, in my eyes, from hell, especially in PvP. My phone is getting hot and the game is draining the battery like…well, like a lot of games I play on my phone. I used to love playing Clash Royale. And I also like playing Arclight Rumble. It’s not a core game, neither is Diablo Immortal. But it’s fun. And if, after a short audition, you find out that this isn’t for you, then that’s okay too, isn’t it? Why drown this game in hate that most haters haven’t even tried yet?

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You don’t have to love Mobile – it’s just there for the others

As the title says, you don’t have to love Blizzard’s mobile games. Just think what you’re into is cool. I still find it strange that Hearthstone’s mobile implementation hasn’t received as much shit as Immortal and Arclight Rumble. It’s probably because Hearthstone’s PC version was finished before the mobile version.

But apart from that: The mobile gaming market is the largest in the world. Don’t blame the people at Blizzard so badly for wanting a piece of it. It’s not like Blizzard isn’t doing anything for PC anymore. Diablo 2 Resurrected wasn’t a groundbreaking success, but it was definitely worth noting. There are several versions of WoW and then there is Dragonflight. Overwatch 2 is in beta. Diablo 4 in development.