FIFA 22: Nkunku breaks Salah’s FUT Card World Record in record time

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Christopher Nkunku is the biggest rising star in the Bundesliga. In FIFA 22, the Frenchman broke the record for most FUT cards ever.

Updated 05/15/2022: It is now done! Christopher Nkunku holds the record for most FUT cards of all time. The Frenchman has meanwhile received two more special cards in FIFA 22 since our last article. His fourth Bundesliga POTM card overall and his TOTS card with an insane rating of 96.

Christopher Nkunku thus has a total of 12 different FUT cards in FIFA 22. The Frenchman was able to equal Mohamed Salah’s old record. With RB Leipzig, Nkunku qualified for the Champions League on the last day of the game. To ennoble his year, Nkunku hopes to defend the title with the French national team at the World Cup in Qatar. Until then, Nkunku might even beat his record.

name of the game FIFA 22
Release (date of first publication) October 1, 2021
Publishers Electronic Arts
series FIFA
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
genre football simulation

Original message from 04/24/2022: Leipzig, Germany – The Bundesliga is currently in the final meters. It is already clear that FC Bayern Munich is German champions for the tenth time in a row. Even though the fight for the title was anything but exciting, there are still a few rays of hope this season. For example Christopher Nkunku from RB Leipzig. The 24-year-old is set to soon break the FIFA record for most FUT cards in a year. Nkunku is always present in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: The legendary rise of Christopher Nkunku – FIFA record at a glance

Nkunku’s rise in Leipzig: Anyone who followed the Bundesliga this year will not have missed the name Christopher Nkunku. The Frenchman is the linchpin in every Leipzig game and draws everyone’s attention to his skills. His achievements have been rewarded with 11 different FUT cards in EA’s FIFA 22 so far.

In 2019, Christopher Nkunku moved from PSG to Germany to RB Leipzig for €13m. While he was already able to set good accents in his first two seasons, the performance explosion only came in this season. The Bundesliga season started anything but well for RB Leipzig.

FIFA 22: Most FUT Cards Ever? Nkunku could break the record

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Under the new coach Jesse Marsch, RB Leipzig is now in no man’s land in the table. Christopher Nkunku was almost the only player in the squad to collect regular scorer points. The performance explosion followed under Domenico Tedesco. Goal followed assist in almost every game.

Nkunku close to FIFA record: As of this writing, Christopher Nkunku has 50 points in 46 games. A value that truly deserves the term world class. This resulted in a variety of FUT cards for Nkunku in FIFA 22. In addition to a number of informs and POTM cards, his two Rulebreaker versions are particularly special. Christopher Nkunku has a total of 11 different special cards in FIFA 22.

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FIFA 22: Well-known competitor from the island – This player is ahead of Christopher Nkunku

Salah holds FUT record: Christopher Nkunku is on the verge of beating an incredible record. Most FUT cards in a game currently hold Mohamed Salah in FIFA 18, with 12 different special cards. The Liverpool star nearly won Champions League and Premier League titles in 2018. The probability that Christopher Nkunku will break this record in FIFA 22 is extremely likely. There are still about 5 months until the release of FIFA 23. Enough time for Nkunku to collect at least three more special cards. Especially since the TOTS event in FIFA 22 has only just started.

FIFA 22: Prediction for the next FIFA part – Christopher Nkunku could get this upgrade

Upgrade in FIFA 23: In the upcoming FIFA part, Nkunku could get an upgrade that has it all. In FIFA 22 career mode, Christopher Nkunku already has an overall rating of 86, which is five points higher than his starting rating in FIFA 22. However, we may see Christopher Nkunku in a different jersey in FIFA 23. A move back to PSG is currently hotly debated.

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