Little Witch in the Woods: Pixel RPG hits Steam

Little Witch in the Woods: Pixel RPG hits Steam

from Michael Miskulin
A small pixel RPG called Little Witch in the Woods has been delighting Steam users for a few days. It gets good ratings from users and invites you on little adventures as a help-witch that’s bursting with cuteness.

A few days ago, a small indie game was released on Steam in Steam Early Access, which is already very exciting for its players. It is about the cute role-playing game Little Witch in the Woods, which is reminiscent of similar representatives such as Stardew Valley due to its pixel art.

Little Witch in the Woods achieved a general rating of “very positive” in the Steam user ratings, as a full 88 percent of the user ratings given gave the role-playing game a “positive” rating. Is this perhaps actually the next Stardew Valley, which has enjoyed great popularity for years?

What happens in Little Witch in the Woods?

But what exactly is Little Witch in the Woods? In the pixelated adventure, the player takes on the role of the little witch Ellie, who as part of her training is sent to an abandoned witch’s hut in a grove of trees to learn the trade of witches and help the nearby village and its inhabitants. To do this, you follow the main thread of the role-playing game story, learn the skills of a witch and get to know the inhabitants of the village. By befriending the villagers, the player can learn their deepest secrets.

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And what does a witch do? She, of course, gathers materials or crafts components for potions. And with these magic potions many problems can be solved. Finally, a mysterious fantasy world with unique areas and cute creatures awaits. There are also secret hiding places waiting to be discovered.

Source: Steam