Lost Ark: Players will receive compensation for unplanned downtime

Lost Ark: Players receive compensation for unplanned downtime (2)

from Sarah Petzold
The developers of Lost Ark are giving away free items to their players as compensation for unscheduled maintenance. We tell you what you get and what you have to do to get the items.

Because the developers of Lost Ark suddenly and unplanned had to shut down the servers for urgently needed maintenance a few days ago shortly after the release of the May update, many players were unable to log on to their respective servers. To compensate the community for the surprising downtime, Amazon Games is giving away a free reward chest to all players.

Compensation Chest redeemable once per account

Anyone who registers in Lost Ark (buy now €19.99) logs in, gets a compensation chest that can be redeemed once per user account. This means: you have to decide which of your characters should receive the free items from the chest. The chest contains the following items:

  • Once Crystalline Aura (duration: three days)
  • Twice Aura of Resonance Regeneration Elixir (Duration: 14 days)
  • Healing Battle Item Chest five times

Lost Ark: Players receive compensation for unplanned downtime (2)

Source: buffed

To claim the compensation chest, you must log into the game with a character of your choice and go to the product inventory (box icon in the top menu bar on the left). Here you can then transfer the corresponding item to your character inventory by clicking on the chest. The respective character can then use the items from the chest. However, keep in mind that you must consume the… Elixir within 14 days of claiming it.

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