Parkasaurus: Tips and tricks for a successful park

Parkasaurus: Tips and tricks for a successful park

Anyone who has seen the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies knows that building your own dinosaur park is far from easy. You also face this task in Parkasaurus from developer Washbear Studio and you have to pay attention to many different things.

But what is important when setting up a park? In our Guide let’s summarize a few useful ones Tips and Tricks to Parkasaurus for you together.

Ensures satisfied visitors

Satisfied guests are extremely important for the further development of your park in Parkasaurus, because they flush money into your coffers. Basically, they are even more important than your dinosaurs, because they alone will not keep you afloat. In all your considerations and planning, you should take the guests into account.

This also applies to security personnel, for example. The more capable this is, the better able it is to protect your guests from rampaging and escaping dinosaurs. Your staff keep the shop running and caretakers make sure it stays clean. Sure, you’ll have to put money into your own hands first, but it’s worth it. The happier your guests are, the more money they spend.

Pays attention to the needs of the dinosaurs and the guests.

Pay attention to the needs of your dinosaurs

In addition to the guests, it is important to take care of your dinosaurs. Make sure they are happy so they don’t rampage and break out of their enclosure. This will only give you a headache.

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One of the ways you achieve this is by giving them privacy so that they are unobserved at least for a while. If they are constantly observed or disturbed by guests, they will become dissatisfied and, unfortunately, the quality of your park will ultimately suffer.

You can find out how much privacy an enclosure in Parkasaurus offers by clicking on it. If there is a lack of it, place tall grass in the pen that suits the type.

Provide an appropriate environment

In general, the environments in Parkasaurus play an important role. Sure, there is a kind of desert landscape, but there are also several different subcategories. It depends on how much high terrain or how much water you have. The same applies here: keep an eye on the needs of your dinosaurs and put them in the most suitable landscapes for them.

You should also make your park as diverse as possible so that you can accommodate many different dinosaurs with you. In the end, your park will benefit from it and get better, and the guests will also be happier as a result.

Dinosaurs need time to themselves too.

Make sure you make money

Nothing works in Parkasaurus without money, so you should make sure that the guests of your park spend enough cash there. Build pathways and decorate them with donation boxes that visitors can throw money into. Likewise, over time, there have been various shops and buildings that provide guests with food and drinks. The more money comes in, the more you can invest and ultimately the faster your park will grow. Just make sure you don’t hit everything or too much on the head right away. At the end of the day you should be able to break even.

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Don’t ignore the research

Away from the actual park, research is an important part of Parkasaurus. It provides you with important upgrades and extras, which ultimately bring more people to your park and simply make it better. Hire scientists and let them generate research points in appropriate buildings. You use them in turn in the research tree and gradually unlock things. Ultimately, this will pay off for you, so don’t ignore it!

If you follow all of this, you are already well on your way to building a successful park.