PS5: Dictionary of Gamer Terms – Sony explains the most common vocabulary

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Gaming terms can be quite confusing. Sony is now helping PS5 players with their own gaming dictionary.

Hamburg – Pull aggro, then buff the tank and spam your own OP attack. Excuse me, you only understand train station? Life as a gamer can be a bit cryptic at times, with some hanging behind the PS5 controller. What was the same? juggling and what a fetch quest? Sony also knows that the overview can quickly get lost with countless acronyms and abbreviations in gaming. So that the time of confusion is finally a thing of the past, the PS5 manufacturer has now published a gaming dictionary on its own website and simply explains the most important terms for gaming itself.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

PS5: Sony explains gaming terms with a digital dictionary

Where can I find Sony’s gaming dictionary? Unfortunately, the gaming bible is not enclosed with every new Sony PS5 physically and bound, but can only be found on the official PlayStation website Find. Sony collects just over 100 terms and explanations in the small compendium for PS5 players. The gaming dictionary really does cover a lot. Starting with A like Area of ​​Effect to Z like zoning there is really everything that the experienced gamer can say in a PS5 session. Here are our highlights from the PS5 Dictionary:

  • Git good A deliberate misspelling of ‘Get Good’, ‘git gud’ is an injunction to raise one’s own skill level in response to a particularly difficult challenge. Players complaining of unreasonable difficulty in a game are often encouraged to ‘git gud’, persevering with the game and overcoming the challenge through patience and learning.
  • Noob tube Originally referring to grenade launchers, a ‘noob-tube’ typically refers to powerful, easy-to-use weapons that are popular with inexperienced players, particularly in competitive multiplayer.
  • wrecked Often stylized as ‘rekt’ or ‘recked’, to be wrecked or to wreck another is to best or be bested easily, typically in a one-on-one encounter. ‘Get Rekt’ is a common victory put-down when overcoming a difficult or tenacious enemy.

PS5: Sony publishes dictionary and explains gaming terms

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Sony’s little gaming dictionary is not just a nice gimmick, but is currently even being used by real gamers Reddit celebrated. While most were expecting a heavy dose of cringe, Reddit users praise the surprisingly useful overview of gaming terms for the PS5. Still, Sony’s gaming compendium isn’t perfect yet. Many users complain about the absence of terms like “GG” or “smurfy”. It is currently not known whether Sony wants to keep the list up to date in the future or whether it wants to add further gaming terms.

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PS5: Availability of console supplies is slowly improving

What about the availability of the Sony PS5? If you are looking to buy a Sony PS5, you currently have a good chance of doing so, but it is still not easy to get hold of the supplies. The console is still chronically out of stock and you need luck to be there ready to buy the PS5 drop. Overall, however, the availability of the Sony PS5 is on the up. Sony expects to ship twice as many PS5 consoles in 2022 as it did last year. and deliver can currently still with Selling be equated: Because the PS5 is still selling like hotcakes.

If you are also still looking for a PlayStation, we will help you with the console hunt in our PS5 ticker. Here we report daily on the availability of the console and summarize all current PS5 rumors for you. As soon as a console drop is announced, we’ll be the first to tell you.

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