Skate 3: All cheats and how they help you

Skate 3: All cheats and how they help you

Fancy a round in the skate park again? Then start Skate 3 and treat yourself to a few tricks on your board until you get tired of it or have fallen flat on your face too many times.

With a few cheats you can have a little more variety in the everyday life of Skate 3 bring. Our Guide show you what options you have.

Everything about Cheats in Skate 3:

How to use the cheats in Skate 3?

In order for you to be able to use the cheats in Skate 3, you have to pause the game. Then go to the options menu, select “Extras” and enter your respective cheat code.

What cheat codes are there for Skate 3?

Our list shows you which cheats are available for Skate 3 and what they do:

cheats effect
prayer Make yourself invulnerable.
miniskaters Activates mini skater mode.
modern style Activates mods.
zombie Activates zombie mode. Pedestrians follow you here and the screen turns yellowish.
mcfly Activates hoverboard mode.
streetsweeper All objects in the respective area are reset to their original state.
deadspacetoo Unlocks Issac Clarke from Dead Space as a playable skater.

Some gimmicks for Skate 3.

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