The baddest memory from the PCGHX community – update

The baddest memory from the PCGHX community - update

from Thilo Bayer etc –
Memory modules often look interesting, at least since there have been passive and active cooling solutions. This is one of the reasons why the RAM image thread is very popular on the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum. We show the most beautiful pictures – new today.

At the beginning of the gallery you will find new submissions from the RAM image thread in the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum. We will present the DDR5 kits shown in more detail in PCGH issue 01/2021 (from December 1st).

Like many other topics, the topic of RAM is very popular at PCGH Extreme. Today we present you with new image feed from the popular RAM image thread. Corsair and G.Skill are the PCGHX community’s most popular memory manufacturers based on images uploaded over the past few months. The community also shows RAM in quite unusual scenarios, most recently in nature – even in the snow. And why do the memory product series always have such unusual names? fang? dominator? Retribution? Devil?

If you want to upload your own RAM images to the forum, just use the RAM image thread on PCGH Extreme with over 320,000 views and 1,070 posts.

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