The best city building games and city builder 2022

The best city building games and city builder 2022

One could almost say that it is human nature to build cities. At least that’s what we’ve been doing for many years. They get bigger and bigger and that is the goal in most city building games and city builders. Many of these are limited to our home planet, others let you build cities on Mars as well. It’s always fun, even if it requires planning skills.

Now you might be wondering what the best city building games and city builders are? Our list gives you a few answers:

Frostpunk (2018 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

Frostpunk doesn’t take on the same dimensions as other city builders, it’s much more focused and adds survival elements to the game. In essence, of course, there are similarities. You have to plan your settlement well so that everything runs smoothly and everyone is taken care of. Whereby this fills out a stage more extreme. If you simply lose residents somewhere else, you will clearly see here that your people are dying.

You must collect raw materials, ensure law and order while developing your city and make moral decisions, of which you are not always sure what the consequences will be. That’s what makes Frostpoint so exciting, even if you’re already interested in survival games and shouldn’t have a problem starting over again and again because you failed.

Interest? For PC there is Frostpunk on Steam and GOGfor the Xbox in Microsoft Store and for PlayStation in PlayStation Store.

It’s about survival.

Surviving Mars (2018 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

In Surviving Mars, the name says it all, because surviving on the red planet is not child’s play given the circumstances there. You have to cope with the environment, on the other hand you need oxygen, food and much more to build your new home here.

After choosing a space company to partner with, you choose a location for your new Mars colony, building domes, infrastructure, and more. Ultimately, the point is that the people who went there did not sign their death warrants. You must cope with various challenges and uncover the mysteries of Mars to ensure the colony’s survival.

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Interest? For PC there is Surviving Mars on Steam and GOGfor the Xbox in Microsoft Store and for PlayStation in PlayStation Store.

You can start colonizing Mars here.

SimCity 2000 (1993 – PC, Amiga, SNES, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, N64, Game Boy Advance)

one the true classic of the genre by Maxis. Here you build a completely normal city, take care of schools, hospitals, power plants and so on. You should ensure good traffic planning and make sure that your residents are happy. Everything you need to consider when planning a city.

And you can also destroy what you have built, for example by being attacked by a UFO, which was even featured prominently on the cover of SimCity 2000 at the time. I don’t know how many hours I put into building my own metropolises back then, but there were quite a few. All this is still a lot of fun today and anyone who wants to catch up on a piece of urban development history can (and should) do so for a few euros.

Interest? For PC there is SimCity 2000 on Origin and GOG.

One of the real classics.

Cities Skylines (2015 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Cities Skylines is basically a modern SimCity without being SimCity. It successfully presents the traditions of the legendary Maxis series, which has not had a new part for a long time. Here, too, you build your own cities from scratch and develop them into huge metropolises over time through clever planning.

Whether it’s traffic, individual neighborhoods, or serving the population, you’re in charge of every single aspect and must ensure that your city grows and prospers. Because that’s the only way you’ll get the money you need from taxes to build new things that will bring your city further forward. If you enjoy planning your own city down to the last detail, here is a more than suitable candidate for you.

Interest? For PC there is City Skylines on Steamfor the Xbox in Microsoft Storefor PlayStation in PlayStation Store and for Nintendo Switch in eShop.

If SimCity 2000 is too old for you.

Caesar 3 (1998 – PC)

Now it’s getting a little more classic again. Of course, cities were also built in the past and that is exactly what Caesar 3 deals with. As the number suggests, it is not the first part of this series, but it is probably the best. At its core, it’s all about building your city and making sure it grows and thrives.

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But that’s not the only thing you’re dealing with here. You must please the Emperor while accumulating wealth and power. You also fight against barbarians and repel invaders. In other words, in the times of ancient Rome there is much to be done so that you are not ultimately thrown to the lions. You might end up earning the title of Caesar for yourself.

Interest? For PC there is Caesar 3 on Steam and GOG.

There was a lot of construction going on in the past too.

Pharaoh (1999 – PC)

It remains classic and old-fashioned. Also in Pharaoh it goes back in time, this time of course not to Rome but to ancient Egypt. Does it all sound a bit similar to Caesar 3? No wonder, it comes from the same developers. Everything is a little hotter and drier in Egypt, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning and expanding your city well.

The better you do, the longer your city will survive and not be burned down by dissatisfied residents. If things go well, you can even reach gigantic monuments like the Sphinx, the Lighthouse and the Library of Alexandria. When farming, you have to take the water level of the Nile into account, and you also fight at sea and on land. To put it this way: As Pharaoh you have no less work to do than Caesar. And it’s just as much fun.

Interest? For PC there is Pharaoh on Steam and GOG.

In ancient Egypt, the conditions are somewhat different.

Timberborn (2021 – PC)

Here we are going in a completely different direction. So far we have always dealt with people, but Timberborn presents itself as a city builder with beavers. Something different! The background is that mankind has turned the earth into a dry wasteland and was therefore doomed. Surprise! However, some animal species have survived and evolved, such as the beaver.

Now it’s up to you to ensure their continued survival, expand their settlement piece by piece and protect them from repeated periods of drought. To do this, you build up supplies, cultivate fields and forests and take care of a water supply. Among other things, you build dams and locks, divert rivers – be careful with the dynamite! – and builds machines out of wood. Timberborn is wonderfully different, but somehow familiar and good!

Interest? For PC there is Timberborn on Steam and GOG.

A city builder with beavers, why not?

End Zone: A World Apart (2020 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

Endzone: A World Apart is also about survival. Long after a nuclear disaster, the remnants of humanity return to the surface and want to live there again. You must help them by building their settlement while protecting them from various dangers, such as radioactivity or enemy looters.

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More than 70 different buildings are available for you to set up your settlement, you collect raw materials to improve your infrastructure and you have to adapt to the prevailing environmental conditions. By completing side quests you will continue to meet the needs of your settlers. Scenarios with different actions and their own victory conditions put you to the test again and again.

Interest? For PC there is End Zone: A World Apart on Steam and GOG.

After a nuclear disaster, you help humanity back to the surface.

Banished (2014 – PC)

A group of travelers decide to start a new life in a new country. They only have the clothes they wear and a few supplies with them. There must be enough to dare a restart. The residents are also your most valuable resource in Banished. They are born, grow up and grow older, father children and ultimately die.

Keeping them healthy and well cared for is therefore the key to expanding your settlement. For what good are newly erected buildings if there are no people who could move in there? The game does not use skill trees and you can build anything at any time, and there is no money either. Crazy, right? Nevertheless, everything is connected and a good interaction is necessary so that your settlement flourishes and does not fail.

Interest? For PC there is Banished on Steam and GOG.

Residents are your most important resource.

Tropico 6 (2019 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Finally play dictator again! How you go about it is largely up to you. Ultimately, however, you are the ruler of your own archipelago, you have to deal with foreign countries and you can steal their world wonders and monuments to beautify your archipelago. Just what dictators do.

Aside from these machinations, Tropico 6 is of course also about building a functioning economic system. Provide your population with the essentials so that they do not chase you out of office. A favorable campaign speech and promises can help you. Of course you live in your own luxury palace, which can be customized. Did you expect something else?

Rules over several islands.

Interest? For PC there is Tropical 6 on Steam and GOGfor the Xbox in Microsoft Storefor PlayStation in PlayStation Store and for Nintendo Switch in eShop.