This Wonder Woman cosplay joins MultiVersus

This Wonder Woman cosplay joins MultiVersus

wonder woman is a busy woman: The superheroine’s second solo film, Wonder Woman 1984, is less than a year and a half old and according to Warner Bros. a third part is already in production. Recently, the quick-witted Amazon has also been involved in the brawler MultiVersus, where she Batman and super man shows which superhero is really wearing the pants.

Not to mention that in addition to all her acting roles in movies and video games, Wonder Woman also has to save the world! So it is high time that the superheroine take a little break and let your soul dangle. Maybe she can in the meantime from this one terrific cosplay be represented?

This is where the sparks fly: Wonder Woman cosplay jumps into the action

Cosplayer Lilly Evans seems more than ready to give up Wonder Woman’s job for a few days: she throws herself into the fight without hesitation and deftly deflects the villains’ bullets with her decorative bracelets. The rest of her costume also looks fully functional.

But the cosplay is also a real eye-catcher when it comes to looks: Wonder Woman’s signature colors red and gold shine and go perfectly with the dark blue skirt. The crowning glory, however, is the lively golden background with which the Photographer MykeShooter the cosplayer has staged excellently. In view of this achievement, the real superheroine is sure to take a short vacation with peace of mind.

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Wonder Woman would have her hands full with these cosplay villains

But not only radiant superheroes find their place in the cosplay community, numerous villains also get grandiose costumes. Quentin Beck aka Mysterio for example, the Spider-Man with his nasty illusions in Spider-Man: Far From Home last made hell hot.