TikTok wants to conquer the gaming sector, is testing the first games

TikTok videos are getting longer, although users love short videos (2)

According to Reuters target tiktok are currently working on entering the gaming sector. For this purpose, tests are currently taking place in Vietnam, in which games are part of the previously conventional Tiktok app. Games for the app will also be released in other parts of Southeast Asia later this year. Reuters notes that having games as part of the app would massively boost both ad revenue and time spent on the app. This would coincide with the company’s goal of increasing the watch time of its own videos in the future. It has already been announced that the maximum video length will be increased from one to three minutes. According to a company representative, HTML5 mini-games have already been tested. So far, there has been no comment on greater ambitions in terms of gaming. In fact, in addition to mini-games for the app, there should also be larger ideas and goals for Tiktok, although it is currently not known what exactly these should look like.

Who delivers the games?

When it comes to what exactly the company wants to offer in its future portfolio, one should look to their owner. The company Bytedance not only owns the platform, but has also been trying to anchor itself in the video game industry for some time. Just last year, for example, the mobile studio Moonton was bought. According to two sources who have spoken to Reuters, a supply of games for Tiktok should be guaranteed from Bytedance. This venture should become profitable through advertisements.

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previous experiments

So far, Tiktok has twice established games in its own app. Garden of Food was a game reminiscent of Farmville, which should support the charitable causes in the United States. Specifically, the focus here was on the “Feeding America” ​​organization. The second project, Disco Loco 3D, was more ironically co-developed with the studio behind Farmville. at Disco Loco 3D it is simply an endless runner within the app. The projects have not been particularly exciting so far.