V Rising: Already sold over 500,000 copies

V Rising: Already sold over 500,000 copies

V Rising has already been over 500,000 times sold. This has the Swedish studio Stunlock Studios officially announced. The number is impressive because of the fact that V Rising is still in the Early access located. In addition, the game in this form was only released on May 17, 2022 released. We too have already dealt with the open world survival game in our preview. Currently, the title, in which you try to survive as a weakened vampire and rebuild your own castle, knows how to inspire many people on Steam. Accordingly, the number of simultaneous users is immense. For example, on the first weekend after release, over 130,000 people at the same time Played V Rising. This puts the title in the top 10 of the most played Steam titles at the moment.

Long-term success?

The question now is whether Stunlock Studios can capitalize on this successful launch and make V Rising a successful title in the long run.

When exactly the game will leave its Early Access status is currently unknown. Currently, the studio states on the game’s Steam page that the game should receive a full release in the next twelve months. From the outside, however, it is very difficult to assess the extent to which this is a realistic goal.

For fans of the game, let’s hope V Rising doesn’t sink into development hell or stay in Early Access much longer than expected. A prominent example of a more than long stay in these regions would currently be Baldur’s Gate 3.

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