V Rising: Number of players on the Steam hit reaches a new all-time high

V Rising: Vampire Survival should be playable offline "as soon as possible".

from Alexander Ney
Stunlock Studios, the developer of the new Steam hit V Rising, can once again look forward to magnificent numbers. Thus, on May 22nd, more than 130,000 concurrent players came together on Steam; In addition, the vampire survival game has already sold over 500,000 copies.

V Rising is a new survival game with a gothic twist and a vampire theme. And it’s already a Steam hit in Early Access. While the number of players on Valve’s DRM distribution platform only recently broke the 100,000 mark, developer Stunlock Studios was able to look forward to more than 130,000 players on May 22nd. The new all-time high is according to Steam Charts now at 130,295 players. In addition, V Rising has sold at least half a million copies since its launch on May 17th.

Offline mode is a long time coming

The good news was brought via the official V Rising Twitter account – at least that’s where reference was made to the impressive 500,000 sales. At the same time, the developers were also confronted with more uncomfortable questions, such as the offline game mode promised on the Steam website. Stunlock Studios had previously promised to implement this “as soon as possible”.

More on the subject: V Rising: Vampire Survival should be playable offline “as soon as possible”.

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In V Rising you have to increase your own vampire powers by sucking blood and build a personal castle either in single player mode or in two PvP modes. This requires all sorts of resources that have to be gradually gathered in the game world. So far this is only possible on the PC – here V Rising should stay in Early Access for about a year.

Source: via PC gamers