V Rising: Tips and tricks to survive

V Rising: Tips and tricks to survive

V Rising from developer Stunlock Studios is a brand new vampire-themed survival and crafting game. As you know it from other such games, there is also in V Rising numerous different systems that ultimately need to be mastered.

For starters, you can find it here in our Guide some useful ones Tips and Tricks, designed primarily to help new players get started with V Rising. There are numerous things to explore, fight enemies, craft weapons and armor, unlock technologies, kill bosses and much more.

Choose the right server type for you

When you start a game in V Rising, the first thing you have to do is choose a server type. The servers are divided into PvE and PvP. On PvE servers it is not possible to attack other players and damage or steal their belongings.

Are you playing on a PvP server? can you attack other players and also attack their castles at certain times of the day.

Aside from these two options, there are other types of servers. For example, there are differences in how much equipment you lose on death, what time of day you can attack castles, how many resources you get when gathering, and so on.

If you just want to learn how to play, you should focus exclusively on PvE at first. If you are more experienced and looking for bigger challenges, you can switch to PvP servers later. Just look through the server list to find a suitable type for you. If you don’t find one, you can start your own server and customize the rules.

For starters, you should be content with PvE.

Watch out for the sunlight

One avoidable form of death in V Rising is sunlight, which is absolutely deadly for vampires, and not just here. So, when day breaks, you need to move into the shadows as much as possible. Keep in mind that the sun also moves, and with it the shadows in the area. Therefore, you should think carefully about when and how you might take a little break.

When you get into the sunlight, you only have a short leeway before your character takes massive damage. There are certain warning signs that will let you know how close you are to taking damage:

  • On your character you will see an orange effect with sparks.
  • A ray of sunshine will appear and point to your character from the sky.
  • The screen gets brighter and brighter over time.
  • A sound effect will play and get louder over time.
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If you see any of these warning signs, you should retreat to the shadows as soon as possible.

Stay away from the sunlight.

Find a suitable place for your castle

In V Rising you can build your own castle where you can store your belongings and craft stuff. However, it is not possible to build such a fortress anywhere. You must first place a Castle Heart and use it to claim a territory.

Depending on the rules of the server, you will have one or two Castle Hearts available. Therefore, it is important to find a suitable region for construction. You should invest the necessary time and look closely at the surroundings to find the ideal spot.

Many players prefer high places because they make it easier to defend. But that is not the only important factor. Equally important is how far away raw materials are. Also, you should consider getting your castle near a waygate to be able to travel from one point to another.

You should look for a suitable place for your shelter.

Choose the right equipment for your task

Gear is important in V Rising, and on the one hand it determines what types of attacks you can use against your enemies. On the other hand, with better equipment you increase your gear score, which determines how difficult or easy it is for you against various NPC enemies.

With the help of the weapons you also collect raw materials in the game. An ax is of course the ideal choice for chopping down trees while your sword tends to the vegetation on the ground. If you want to dismantle stones and rocks, use a morning star.

Each of the weapons also has different advantages and disadvantages. When you level them up later, you’ll find that they have different attacks and abilities. You must decide which tools to use for fighting and which to use for gathering.

The right equipment will help you enormously.

Use the bloodtypes to your advantage

When you leech blood from an opponent, your blood type changes and you inherit some of your victim’s traits. If you feed on an opponent that belongs to the worker class, you will get better at gathering resources, for example. Creature class blood improves your movement speed and resistance to sunlight. And the Rogue class improves critical hit chance and increases damage potential.

In other words: the different blood types are suitable for different situations. Always staying with the same blood type is therefore not necessarily recommended.

Blood types have different properties and effects.

Prepare for bigger battles

The world in V Rising is dangerous and you should prepare properly for larger battles. This applies to both the blood type and the right equipment. An early consumable that comes in handy is the Vermin Volley. It heals you over time and you don’t have to draw on your blood reserves.

Likewise, it’s definitely worth considering playing important fights at night. The reason is very simple: you can fight much more light-heartedly and with less stress if you don’t have to watch out for the sunlight. It pays to think ahead in the game.

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Prepare properly for battles.

Try different forms of locomotion

There are several ways to travel in V Rising. The simplest and most obvious is to just walk around the world normally on your feet. Good for all normal tasks, but not very fast.

The fastest way to travel is with the Vampire Waygates, which will instantly teleport you across the map. However, they are only available in very limited quantities, so you should think about a horse to cover large distances quickly. But you have to take good care of it, keep it alive and make sure it doesn’t get into danger.

Another option is to transform into a wolf, which will make you significantly faster as long as you don’t take damage or switch forms yourself. Alternatively, of course, the vampire bat form is also available, so you don’t have to take the terrain into account.

There are many ways to travel in the game and you should make use of all of them.

There are several ways to move around in V Rising.

Uses quests and the Blood Altar

V Rising introduces you to the game with a series of quests at the beginning. You can see it in the top left of the screen and it’s the best way to start the game. The tasks are quite simple and deal with the basics of the game. Later, however, the tasks become somewhat more complex and involve several steps.

If you’re not sure what to do for your next quest, check out the Blood Altar. With this building you can track down the many bosses in V Rising. Each boss provides you with new skills, construction options and buildings. So if you’re stuck on a task, just see if you need something from a specific boss.

Checks the map for resources

The map in V Rising is also an important tool. Unlike other survival games, there is no randomly generated terrain here, so the map stays the same and you can memorize the regions like in an MMO.

There are numerous points of interest in the game world and if you hover over them you can take a closer look and find out what resources you can find there. So if you are looking for certain raw materials or items, take a look at the map.

The map tells you where you can find which raw materials.

General things you should know

Finally, here are a few general tips and tricks for V Rising:

  • You can hold down the left mouse button to attack. The same goes for logging and so on.
  • Trees cast shadows that protect you from the sunlight. Of course, if you drop them, the shadow also disappears. So don’t put yourself in danger.
  • You can hold down the interaction button and hover your mouse cursor over loot on the ground to pick it all up instead of having to select everything one by one.
  • Hover the mouse cursor over an enemy to see what type and quality their blood is.
  • In the inventory there is a sorting function, with which you can arrange everything nicely.
  • In the chest window you can change the name of the chest by clicking the icon next to the name.
  • You can fight on horseback, but it’s risky. Attacks with the left mouse button do more damage, but if you get hit you will fall off your horse.
  • After defeating Rufus The Foreman, you can craft a Fishing Rod. Whenever you see small air bubbles in the water, you can fish there. You will not only find fish, but also random equipment and research books.
  • From time to time there is a blood moon during the night. Meanwhile, you’ll be faster and the effects of your blood type will get even better.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s health bar. If it’s red or orange, he has a higher level than you. If there is a small skull next to it, the level is significantly higher and you should better keep your hands off it.
  • You can use Morningstar’s secondary attack as an extra dash to dodge attacks while your primary dodge is still on cooldown. You need a Bronze Morningstar or better to unlock the secondary attack.
  • Click the plus and minus icons next to the minimap to zoom in or out. Click on the small lock to set whether the mini-map rotates with you or is fixed.
  • Silver items like coins will slowly inflict damage if you hold them. It also prevents you from using abilities like transforming into a wolf.
  • Don’t cut down any tree near your shelter, it’s useful to have shade nearby.
  • The Dunley Farmlands and other large regions are far more dangerous than the Farbane Woods. You shouldn’t leave the latter until you’ve reached level 30.
  • If you see yellow, orange, or red icons above your hotbar, this is an indication that your equipment is about to expire and will break soon. They lose their effect until you repair them, which is also possible in the inventory, provided the necessary materials are available.
  • If you extract V Blood (from bosses), you are completely invulnerable. This also applies to sunlight. Once you finish extracting the V Blood, an explosion will occur, severely damaging all enemies and resource objects in the area.
  • Extracting V Blood does not replenish your blood pool. So if your reserves are running low, you can’t replenish them on bosses.
  • You can rearrange them in the Power Wheel from your skill selection screen.
  • Abilities like Blood Rage increase your attack speed and also help you gather resources faster from trees or rocks.
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